Full Moon Meditation – 22nd August 2021

A Journey to Fill your Heart with your Soul Purpose and Plant the Seed in Mother Earth with Archangel Mariel’s Magenta Dragon

Every soul is unique, and we all have a unique soul mission on Mother Earth. The time has come to remember our soul mission, so that we can dedicate ourselves to the service of Lady Gaia.

1. Relax, prepare your space, and light up a candle. Sit with your spine straight.

2. Close your eyes and breathe in… Breathe out… Observe your rhythmic breath.

3. Breathe in Love, Peace, Compassion.. breathe out Love, Peace, Compassion…

4. Invoke a Fire Dragon and gently request him to purify your four-body system…

5. Be aware and send your golden, pink roots deep down to Mother Earth and anchor them in her heart…………..

6. Visualise a shower of white light coming from Source and flooding you within and without.

7. Ask Archangel Michael to surround you with his blue cloak of protection. Protect yourself with Christ Light.

8. Now invoke Archangel Mariel’s Magenta Dragon, who will accompany you on your soul journey. Also invoke your guardian angel.

9. Visualize a magenta flame.This flame helps you to accept yourself and your soul’s mission here on earth.

Let it touch you and remove the veil of amnesia that blocks you from remembering your soul memories. You can feel this veil being removed slowly…

10. Now sit on the Magenta Dragon’s flame. He is taking you on a tour within your Soul Star Chakra.

11. A golden door opens for you and you can see you are entering a temple, where your soul sisters and brothers are waiting for you. Some are from the earth. You may also recognize some of them from dimensions and planetary systems.

12. Sit in a circle holding one another’s hands. You can see the mighty Lord Vosloo, Lady Grace and Lady Gaia present in this beautiful ceremony.

13. Now feel the Dragon blowing your Soul Star Chakra and your soul mission becoming visible in front of your inner eyes.

14. Lord Vosloo and Lady Grace are blessing this mission with love and power.

15. You may see light codes, symbols, or any picture… also you can feel your soul gifts and talents are coming to the surface in your auric field with the guidance of your monad and the higher realm.

16. You can feel that your heart is glowing and all 33 petals are open and shining bright.You are downloading this information and activating your cellular memories…. Wait and receive now…

17. You may recognize these gifts or symbols.

18. Invoke mighty Archangel Gabriel and Master Serapis Bey to touch all your chakras with the White Ascension Flame to activate the symbols.

19. Feel the White Flame flowing from your Stella Gateway Chakra to your Earth Star Chakra, filling all your other chakras. It goes down and gets rooted into the heart of Mother Earth.

20. Lady Gaia is smiling and is now taking your mission and creating a soul blueprint seed in front of you. Visualize the color, structure, codes, and symbols on it. The seed is surrounded by a golden bright ray of protection. With the guidance of the higher realm, your soul mission gets activated.

21. Now your guardian angel is moving forward and is taking the soul blueprint seed and planting it within the heart of Mother Earth.

22. Feel your heart filled with joy, excitement, and peace.

23. Take leave of your soul brothers and sisters.

24. Once again sit back on the Magenta Fire Dragon, and come back from your Soul Star Chakra to where you started.

25. Thank Lord Vosloo, Lady Grace, Archangel Gabriel, Master Serapis Bey, Lady Gaia, the Magenta Fire Dragon, and your guardian angel.

26. Know that each time you ground yourself and connect to the heart of Lady Gaia you will be able to manifest your soul’s purpose.

27. Now make a journal and draw that soul blueprint seed.