Full Moon Meditation – 20th September 2021

A journey to infuse and anchor higher peace in our energy fields with the Atlantean High Priest Zeus and Archangel Christiel

1. Find a place where you can relax and light a candle if you want.

2. Close your eyes as we meditate on this special day. Bring your awareness to your precious breath. Breathe deeply in from your nose and out from your mouth. Take a few more deep breaths and relax into your seat.

3. Turn your attention to the soles of your feet. Visualize roots growing under them. They travel, through your Earth Star Chakra, into Mother Earth. Here they connect with the crystal heart of Lady Gaia.

4. The energy from Lady Gaia’s beautiful crystal heart moves upwards through your lower and higher chakras, and they get attuned to the core of Helios.

5. We now call on Archangel Michael’s angels and dragons to protect us as we start this journey. We also invoke the Gold Light of Christ to surround us, giving us complete protection.

6. You find yourself on top of a mountain range. The mountain is covered with snow and glistening beautifully under the light of the bright and powerful full moon. You look around and see the beautiful scenery around you. The full moon is bathing snow-covered mountains in the clear, starry night. There is snow around you but a gentle breeze keeps you nice and warm. The sky seems expansive, and the stars like little jewels studded on a dark blanket.

7. You realize that you are in Tibet. The moon looks so close to you. You are being bathed in pure light and the beautiful energies of this sacred place.

8. You are still awed by the view when you notice lightning in the sky and the gentle sound of thunder. This marks the arrival of a tall figure in white. As this figure comes closer, you feel curious, and peace envelops your heart and soul.

9. This figure comes close, and you realize you are being honored by the presence of the High Priest Zeus. He comes closer and smiles at you. You are aware of his powerful yet gentle presence. His company is filling your aura with the peace that you crave and so need currently. He looks deep into your eyes and assures you all is well, and you are here for grace and mercy.

10. You feel safe and return his smile. He scans your aura and asks you to relax. You know you are receiving a gift. He raises his hands above your Stellar Gateway Chakra. He pours into it a beautiful, brilliant white wave of gentle yet powerful energy. Every cell of your body absorbs this energy. You feel so pure and peaceful, and reassured in the incredible feeling that this is the precious gift you need. Lord Zeus takes away his hands and shares that you have been given an extra dose of higher peace, which is a quality of your soul. This is so needed at this moment of transformation we all are going through.

11. He smiles and conveys how proud he feels as you carry this peace in your aura and share it with others when you walk the Earth. He explains that this peace will also pass to Lady Gaia as you ground your energies. You feel so blessed and so peaceful as this energy surrounds you and fills your being. You express your gratitude by bowing, and, as you raise your head, you see Lord Zeus bidding you farewell.

12. You bid him goodbye and turn around to admire again and absorb the beautiful energies of the powerful full moon. As you gaze upon it, you notice a bridge of light forming between you and the moon. You look at the pearlescent moon and its brilliance shining upon the bridge of light. It is like a flowing milky way. The scene brings so much peace and joy to your heart.

13. As you relax and breathe deeply, you take in the pure and precious energies of this beautiful aspect of Lady Gaia. You see a ball of light approaching you through this milky way. You notice how the ball of light is taking the shape of a beautiful, moon-studded, golden, silver-white carriage driven by your unicorn. You are excited about the next part of your journey beneath the powerful and precious full moon.

14. The sheer presence of your unicorn brings you in alignment with your pure soul origin. You look at your unicorn, which bends its head and further lights up your aura with its magical, brilliant white and golden light. Your unicorn nudges you to board the carriage. You sit in the comfortable seat, and the carriage starts flying on the light bridge you had seen forming from the moon to the mountains of Tibet. You are safe as this carriage flies higher and higher and comes closer to the beautiful portal of light where the moon looks closer than you have ever seen it before.

15. The carriage comes to a gentle halt, and you climb out. You realize you are in front of a beautiful, round building. This building is shining like a moonstone. It has an aura of golden-white light and is being bathed by the powerful and beautiful full moon. You look around at your unicorn, which nudges you to move forward, and its gaze assures you that all is fine. You take a few steps and come to the main door of the beautiful, round, temple-like structure. Here two golden-white angels meet you. They inform you that Archangel Christiel has invited you.

16. They take you through a passage to a big, round room. You feel relaxed and joyful to be here. Then, you become aware of a beautiful figure of light in the center whose mere presence is shining bright like a full moon. You realize this is Archangel Christiel.

17. He invites you to occupy a chair in the middle of the room. You sit and look around the room. The walls are encrusted with moonstones, which are shining and bathing the space in their light. You also see pillars of selenite everywhere, which maintain the purity of this place. The gentle and powerful energies of this temple fill you with deep peace.

18. Archangel Christiel looks deep into your eyes and conveys the message that peace exudes peace. He asks you to look at a big piece of moonstone formed like a big slate. As you look at it, words appear in light language. Archangel Christiel informs you that this is the language of your soul, and it will be ignited now. This will fuse you with higher peace and stillness beyond the mind. He tells you to ask your soul to infuse your aura with this higher peace in your daily life.

19. He bids you goodbye, and angels again accompany you to the main door of the temple. As you reach the outside, you see the brilliant and most luminescent moon is bathing the carriage awaiting you. Your unicorn is there and looks at you, and you see in its eyes an invitation to board the carriage. You sit in your seat and start the journey back to the mountains of sacred Tibet where you started. You are aware of flying along the light bridge where this journey began. You thank your unicorn and bid it goodbye. You stand on the top of the mountains admiring the powerful and beautiful full moon in all its luminosity.

20. As you look at the moon, you relax, and as you close your eyes and breathe deeply, you find yourself in the seat of the chair where you started. You are firmly anchored within the crystal heart of Lady Gaia. Archangel Michael’s angels are protecting you, and the Gold Light of Christ surrounds you.

21. Gently open your eyes and wiggle your hands and feet. Thank all the beings of light who supported your journey at this full moon.