Full Moon Meditation –18th December 2021

A Journey to The Great Pyramid of Giza to Activate your

12 Strands of DNA with Master Thoth as He prepares you for the New Golden Age

  1. Gently close your eyes and take a couple of deep, relaxing breaths. Breathing in the golden light of angels and filling up every cell of your body. Breathing out golden light and filling your aura with gold light. Continue to take a few more breaths, relaxing with each breath until you can see your whole aura being filled with gold.
  1. Take you attention to the soles of your feet. Golden roots are going down from your feet, deeper and deeper, towards the center of Mother Earth till they reach her crystalline heart. Anchor them here so that you are deeply grounded. Draw mother earth’s loving energy up through your feet and through all your chakras and anchor it in your heart.
  1. Now visualize a white column of light beaming down from the heavens, surrounding you, flowing into your aura. Breathe in this heavenly white light as it fills your body and aura completely.
  2. Invoke Archangel Zadkiel to come in and cleanse you with the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame. He cleanses all your chakras… your body… and your aura, transmuting into light all the energies that no longer serve you.
  1. Call Archangel Michael to place his deep blue cloak of protection around you. Zip the cloak up to your chin, and put the hood over your head. Know that you are fully protected.
  1. We ask that a golden bubble of light be placed around you giving you complete protection.
  1. Now invite your Guardian Angel and personal Unicorn to accompany you on this journey to the Great Pyramid of Giza for the sacred ceremony.
  1. You are in a beautiful forest walking on a crystalline path along with your Guardian Angel. The trees are still, and there is silence and serenity around. The moon is shining in its glory on this peaceful night of the full moon. As you walk ahead, you feel peace and tranquility within.
  1. As the path takes a bend, you see your personal Unicorn shimmering in the moonlight. He is waiting to take you to the Pyramid of Giza. You embark on his back along with your Guardian Angel. As he files you to over the moonlit sky to Giza, you feel safe and protected.
  1. You soon see the Pyramids in Giza standing in their magnificence, sparkling in the moonlight. The Unicorn lands in front of the pyramid. You get off and walk towards the entrance.
  1. Two white angels are waiting to accompany you into the King’s Chamber. The angels greet you lovingly and accompany you to the Chamber. You can feel the pure, calming energy as you walk with them.
  1. As you enter the Chamber you notice that it has been prepared for the scared ceremony today. Adorned with beautiful flowers, shimmering crystals, and lit with the soft light of candles, the King’s Chamber emblemizes the ceremony’s sacredness. The soft celestial music calms you.
  1. You notice that angels are waiting there for you. Two of then step forward and accompany you to the altar dedicated to the ceremony today.
  1. The Atleatean Master Thoth arrives. You perceive his vibrant, powerful light. He greets you and asks you if you would like to activate your 12 strands of DNA. Say yes if you so desire.
  1. As he begins the ceremony, the angels envelop you in their light, making it easier for you to hold the high frequency.
  1. The Master now begins to activate your 12 strands of DNA.
  1. Be aware that you are receiving all that High Priest Thoth is gifting you. Sense how every cell of your body, atom, and DNA strands receive the energies being transmitted by him.
  1. Focus on your DNA and watch it expand. The two double strands of beads relax and gently stretch out further…. See, feel or know that this is happening.
  1. As Master Thoth continues to transmit energy to you, the DNA begins to stretch out, and double strands join the two …… until there are 12 strands. Relax as you allow this to be completed…
  1. Master Thoth has now activated your dormant 12-DNA strands and reprogrammed your Atlantean DNA codes. He tells you that when you are ready to activate more of your strands, you will be guided to do so.
  1. Take a moment to anchor this on all levels of your being……
  1. The Master now seals your energy matrix so that you can maintain this high frequency. He now reveals to you that as you integrate these energies, you will reawaken to your spiritual gifts and abilities from the Atlantean times. Master Thoth tells you that you now ready to shine your light brighter as a way shower for the ascension of the planet as it ushers in the New Golden Age. He expresses his gratitude to you for all the incredible work you are currently doing. You bow and express your gratitude to the master.
  1. The two white angels accompany you to the pyramids main door, where your Unicorn is waiting for you. You sit on his back along with your Guardian Angel. He flies you through the skies until you are in the serene forest where you started. As you get off your unicorn’s back you express your gratitude to him and your Guardian Angel.
  1. You walk on the crystalline path and come back in the here and now to place where you started. Become aware of your body and feel the ground underneath your feet. Visualize your golden roots going deep into the earth. Know that the blue cloak of Archangel Michael is around you, and you are protected. Gently open your eyes in deep gratitude for the blessing and honor bestowed upon you today and radiating the light that you truly are!!