Benefits of Artemisia Annua plant (or Mugwort) in healing for Covid-19 Virus

by Gabriele Bucher, in Germany

My dear light family, I would like to recommend a herbal tea that helps to alleviate the symptoms of Covid 19 and to eliminate secondary symptoms. The tea is called Artemisia Annua. I know that it is grows in Germany, Africa, Asia, and probably in many other places in the world.

A pharmacist and my doctor are strongly committed to the cultivation and distribution of this “old“ plant and have founded an association for this purpose and called it “anamed international”. Artemisia should be affordable and accessible for people in poorer countries.

“The vision of anamed international“: “We dream of a world in which even those people living in the most simple circumstances meet their own health needs, by using their own skills and abilities to utilize their own locally available resources, and by working in cooperation with others. Families, communities and health centers in the Tropics and even entire regions take responsibility for their own health and thereby become virtually independent from imported product.“

The plant is called “Beifuß” in German, “mugwort” in English ( says my dictionary). This old, well-known plant in Africa and Asia as well gets new honor again. I find this story very touching and commendable! So I like to support this association by recommending it to others. Even I bought cuttings and now they are growing in my garden. You can also buy seeds at the link above.

As I write, I feel great gratitude that Artemisia found me at just the right time. My husband and I had Corona in December 2020 because my sister-in-law, lying in hospital for a brain attack, contracted there Covid 19 and transmitted it to my husband as the only visitor. I called my doctor at the time who had just discovered this plant. She recommended drinking the herbal tea regularly until all symptoms were over. Together with my spiritual helpers, we got over the infection quickly and easily. Thanks to Artemisia, the plant of hope and natural help.