Natalie Read

In September 2019, I launched my book Being Human – the path to self-acceptance, resilience and happiness. After fourteen years working as a university student counsellor, I’ve witnessed increasing numbers coming for counselling. The media is filled with articles about the earlier onset of distressed children, increasing levels of risk and a lack of resources to cope with the crisis. Along with many others, I became concerned about this and the impact on future generations.

Several years ago, my concern led me to meditate on what I could do to help the situation. Each time I meditated, I was compelled to write. I did this for some time before realising I was actually writing a book. This was a complete surprise to me as I never intended to be an author and writing a book was not in my list of options. After some resistance, I eventually saw the project through as the cause felt too great and my calling to write too strong. Each day, I meditated before writing and trusted in the process.

The book blends my experience of counselling with my 25-year spiritual quest to find peace and happiness including training to be a teacher of Ascension and Unicorns with the Diana Cooper School of White Light. My counselling training is Psychosynthesis, which also recognises the mind, body and spirit. It holds a higher perspective of what might be emerging alongside exploring any difficulties. I write this unique holistic approach in a language intended to appeal to all belief systems, offering a broader range of solutions to today’s problems.

The book is targeted at 16-30-year-olds but is equally relevant to adults of all ages who want to experience more happiness and resilience in life. Feedback suggests that this book is helpful for people of all ages with 5-star reviews on Amazon to date. The book is packed with examples, exercises, techniques and free access to 12 accompanying meditations written to support the material in the book. It’s written from the heart with a positive, compassionate and empowering message.

I hope that reading the book will help to prevent the need for mental health support in the first place. For those with mild-to-moderate difficulties, it offers a substitute for professional help or whilst waiting for support. For those with moderate-to-severe difficulties, it is not a substitute for professional support but may help alongside. 70% of young people affected don’t receive appropriate support (counselling directory) and long waiting lists are common. Being Human can serve as a guide to building more happiness, confidence, self-esteem, resilience, improved relationships and attracting more positive stories and situations into your life.

I’m advocating in the book for a holistic approach to addressing mental health by focusing on the whole person not just symptoms alone and, shifting the focus from crisis towards prevention. Whilst it’s natural to focus on managing symptoms and difficulties, I believe wholeheartedly in working towards self-acceptance and self-love in order to obtain long-lasting and fundamental change. This approach helps you to be more connected with yourself and to others, opens up more possibilities, unravels potential and provides a richer and more meaningful life. For those already familiar with a spiritual path, the book will help balance spiritual growth with overcoming personal and emotional difficulties, a much more successful path than striving for spiritual growth alone.

The book is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple books and websites of major retailers. It is available in most countries. For more information please visit