Ask Penny

Readers Question: 

How is our guardian angel assigned to us? – Claudine.

Penny Says:

Hi Claudine, before we incarnate, our team of guides and angels choose the perfect angel to be our guardian angel. The angel is selected depending on your level of spiritual growth accumulated over past lifetimes. They may stay with you for one lifetime or more depending on the spiritual development of you both. 

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Readers Question: 

I recently had to have my old dog put to sleep. I made the decision as he did not have a good quality of life anymore. However, I am still feeling so guilty about doing it. Have I also created negative karma for doing this?
A.H, Canada

Penny Says:

Firstly, I am so sorry to read about your loss. It is so painful when we lose a member of our furry family. It is such a difficult decision to make to let an animal go but being a guardian of a pet brings with it great responsibility and having to make this decision is a part of that.

If you hand your pet over to the angels there is no karma.  However, unless you do that, if you end the life of any sentient being even a moment before its time under spiritual law there is a karmic consequence.  In the case of an animal, your heart centre closes a little.  This is why you have felt guilty!  And it is now time to let it go for there is a Law that transcends the Law of Karma and that is the Law of Grace. 

I suggest you light a candle and mentally hand your beloved dog to Archangel Fhelyai, the angel of animals so that he can ensure he is guided to the correct path for the next part of its soul journey.

Then state, aloud if possible. ‘I totally forgive myself.’  When you do that Grace is activated and karma is dissolved. 

Visualise a beautiful yellow angel taking your dog into the light.

Feel a beautiful pink light of love entering your heart.

I do hope you will re-home another dog as it does help to fill the void and lessen the pain. Remember, the dog you let go is still around you energetically and will be waiting for you when you finish your journey here.