Archangel Metatron’s Healing Pool

By Wesley Oliver


Working with Archangel Metatron A few months ago, I put in an offer to purchase a flat. In South Africa, we have what’s called the Prime Lending rate. This is something determined by the government and is reviewed a few times a year. When purchasing something on credit, you can typically negotiate a lending rate below prime. This is encouraged as it reduces the monthly payback instalments. 

“At each point, when I could feel my anxiety rising, Archangel Metatron would loving step in and remind me to “trust””


After my offer was accepted, I said to my guides, “Let’s see if we can get an interest rate of 5.5%.” I like the number 55. It reminds me of Archangel Metatron. I wrote down the number and put it on my altar. At the time, the Prime Lending rate was 7%, so 5.5% would be phrased as “Prime less 1.5%”. Not a bad rate at all. 


After about 2 weeks of negotiating with the different banks to see who would give me the best rate, we ended at 5.75%. During this time, the Prime Lending rate had also increased to 7.25%. The result still left me with “Prime less 1.5%”. I laughed, knowing my guides had helped me secure my “Prime less 1.5%”. Not long after that, I had to find new tenants to take over my current rental. Once again, I wrote down what I would like to happen. “Find a new tenant before the end of December 2021.” 


About a week later, I had 2 viewings on the same day. I said to my guides, “Let’s keep things simple. By the end of the viewings, let’s have a new tenant.” I’m happy to say after 2 very successful viewings an offer was made to take over the flat and a new lease was signed. During this process, I was reminded how clear intentions, and trust, create a wonderful space for magic to happen. 


The trust part I struggled with. Not that things won’t happen, but that I couldn’t control all the aspects. Having to rely on other people to keep things going. Be it the person at the bank getting back to me when I expected them to or the agent properly marketing the flat to find new tenants. At each point, when I could feel my anxiety rising, Archangel Metatron would loving step in and remind me to “trust”. He also created an amazing pool of ascension energy to bath in. The calming it brought was profound and immediate. I believe it’s accessible to everyone, so if you wish, you can use this visualisation. 

Metatron Healing Pool Visualisation

  • In your mind’s eye, find yourself being lowered into a large pool of water. The water is the perfect temperature for you. The pool can vary in size and depth. You float with ease. 
  • The colour of the water is like a sun is setting in water. The most beautiful golden orange colour. Some days the water is flat. Other days it gently laps up against your body. 
  • As your body relaxes in the water, you feel the golden orange water being absorbed by your body. Through your skin all the way down to the atoms that make up your body. Even the space between the atoms. 
  • Your breath becomes slow and deep. You are simply at peace. 
  • Now that you are relaxed, take some time to see the water’s edge. Gently do a full 360 turn in the water, and as you do so, you’ll start to see that you are in a Metatron’s Cube. 
  • At each corner of the cube, you’ll see a being standing on one of the circles, where the edges meet. 6 circles, with 6 beings in total. These are beings that are helping you in this present moment. Each one holds a big vase. You might see details in the vase. An image, writing or perhaps a colour. Depending on what you need at this moment, one or more of the beings will pour liquid from the vase into the pool you are currently in. This liquid contains the properties and information you need at this moment. 
  • Allow all your senses to engage. Smell the water. Perhaps it has a slight rose scent. Does the water feel different? Has the colour changed? 
  • Chat to the beings and listen to what they have to say or simply spend time and enjoy floating with the greatest of ease and allow your body to absorb all it needs at this moment. 
  • As a last activity, allow your mind to focus below your feet. You’re aware there is no bottom that you can sense. The space below you is vast and deep. 
  • Take a slow, deep breath and dive below the surface to see what you find. As you do so the water around you starts to glow a bright golden orange. It emanates from you. You feel so safe and calm. Ready to face anything that might become illuminated in the depths below you. Take a few moments to see what is revealed. If it is something that makes you feel uncomfortable, allow the golden orange light to pierce it and completely envelop it. Watch as it is gently reduced to become something far more manageable. Something that you can cope with at this moment.
  • Feeling warmth and love in your heart for what was revealed, return to the surface. 
  • You can stay in the beautiful, calm water, inviting water animals to join you. Or, if you feel you’ve had enough, gently start to bring your consciousness back. 


I continue to use this pool and, when the need arises, pour golden orange light from this pool onto or into a situation. For example, pouring the light into a house I know I’m going to visit. Starting at the highest point of the roof and allowing the golden orange light to gently flow down through the house, like warm, runny honey coating everyone and everything. The results are remarkable.