Angelic guidance during the pilgrimage

By Manjula Singh, Master Teacher

Here is another reassurance that our Angels always protect us and guide us to save us from any disaster.

I was invited by a wellness company as a Facilitator to conduct angelic meditations, card reading, and sound healing sessions for a group of people who attend their retreat in the mountains near Dehradun – Uttarakhand State – India. The travel plans were set about 40-45 days in advance. The retreat was conducted at the end of June. From May to October, it’s time for a Pilgrimage to these mountains named, “Char dham Yatra”. Char means four in Hindi, which means people visit four holy places at four different mountain peaks in Uttarakhand State in India.

After the retreat, I asked my husband to join me for a trip to Rishikesh, where our Holy River Ganga flows. This place is near Dehradun. We booked a car to travel. This car driver with love informed us that this is yathra-pilgrimage season and suggested we visit at least two dham temples which we could cover during the limited number of days we planned our trip for. So, the plan was to visit Kedarnath and Badrinath temples. Fortunately, we got a helicopter booking done to visit Kedarnath, at the mountain peak. This was the place where in June 2013 a major flooding happened when a cloud busted and the water came down into the river and many thousands were washed away.

We reached the helipad to start the trip. Our boarding passes were issued to us, and our helicopter was just in front of us, but we couldn’t fly due to bad weather. Our tickets were canceled and we were back in the hotel room. Now my husband and I planned to get on the ponies for the next day to reach Kedarnath. The mode of transport to Kedarnath is either helicopter or pony or trekking for 16 kilometers. We have to reach a place called Sonprayaag, then take a jeep to reach Gaurikund, and then take a pony to travel 16 kilometers to reach the temple.

The next day, it started raining, and our driver dropped us at Sonprayaag. We got a jeep and started traveling toward Gurikund. Just 300 meters before reaching, a medium size rock welcomed us falling just in front of our jeep. Nearly 10-12 Ponies and their Masters came running towards our jeep and started running down the mountains. We didn’t understand what was happening.  Rock of different sizes started falling in front of our jeep. Our jeep driver said, that he is going to drive back down and not take risks. If any of us want to trek we can do so. Few from our jeep got down deciding to reach the temple by trekking but we went with the driver down. Now our yatra was canceled for the second day too. With a heavy heart, we rang the driver and asked him to pick us back to the hotel. We decided to cancel the Kedarnath trip because we had only three more days to go back. We asked the driver to take us to the Helicopter Agency to submit the canceled tickets for a refund. When we were coming out of the office, I was upset and had a feeling in my heart that we shall try the next day. As this thought was going in my mind while walking out of the office building, I overheard a conversation between a few men sitting there. It was, “Dafan hojaogei”. I couldn’t believe it. I am still sensing that it was not by the men, it was a message from my Angels. The meaning of “Dafan hojaogei” in the Hindi language is…. ” you will be buried”. I was shocked when I heard this and decided to travel towards Badrinath the second dham yatra. I was spellbound by this message I received from my Angels.

The next day morning we reached Badrinath temple and had a peaceful visit and prayers. Came back to the car and the news was the previous day there was a landslide again on a jeep one died, and two were seriously injured. I was shocked and spellbound. My Angels have saved us. I thanked my Angels, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu for the precious guidance which saved our lives and helped us to reach back home safely. Despite these experiences, the mountains were beautiful and we enjoyed the lovely weather, pure air, and water. Nature is always beautiful and when it decides to cleanse, it takes its power in itself. I started telling people, never to exploit nature’s silence. It banishes everything on its way when things go beyond the limit.

As always, I thank God and the Angels for choosing me to connect to them and for showering their love, blessings, and healing on me and to all of us.

Angelic Blessings

Manjula Singh

Master Teacher