Working with Agape and Mighty Pan

by Melinda/Elisabeth White Rose

“A beautiful lesson I keep hearing from my nature guides, again and again, is to become one with nature.”

Extract from my spiritual journal, 23.11.20:


We had once more, a blessed and most enriching reunion, at the Diana Cooper School of White Light. It is so inspiring to meet (even through video) so many beautiful, powerful souls in the service of the Light. I am both honoured and humbled to be part of such a beautiful soul-group.

During the second day of the reunion, in one of the breaks, I overheard a beautiful teacher of the school asking Diana Cooper about the connection between Agape and Pan.

Hearing it, I was suddenly filled with joy and happiness, and the message felt so precious to me.

I knew that Agape is the highest and purest form of Love. And of course, Mighty Pan, Master Pan as It is called, is the Master of Nature, working closely with Archangel Purlimjek of Nature. I am connected with these amazing energies.

Of course, it makes perfect sense to think about Mighty Pan and Agape’s close connection, as Nature is Love, is Oneness. This is one beautiful lesson I keep hearing from my nature guides, again and again: to become One with Nature, to really feel I am part of it. However, I have not reflected on the significance of these words before. Doing so makes me feel this powerful, wonderful energy of them both united into a single powerful one.

The Energy of Pan

I often feel the beautiful Pan’s energy, while I walk in nature, in the forest nearby or even in my garden. I also feel Its presence often, during my communication with my beautiful garden Deva. One of the places where I can clearly feel these energies together is in my sacred wildlife garden.

During the summer months, while working in my garden, I connected daily to the space I was in: the plants and trees, the Nature Elemental, the Deva, and asked for their loving assistance. It is my new garden, as we just moved here a few months ago and I have requested their assistance. And I certainly received the help I asked for. So much wise help and guidance from the lovely elves, fairies and even a big earth dragon.

Making a Pond

One day, while building the garden pond, I became concerned. I was supposed to build the edges of the pond, making it a safe place for wildlife to access the waters (which would come later, at that stage I just had a big hole in the ground). Already at that time, our garden was attracting so much wildlife, we had so many birds visiting, and many hedgehogs. We counted 27 of them one summers evening. Our lovely guests, coming for the supper we were preparing for them, every evening – and still do so, even now at the beginning of winter, as they can wake up when hungry, and still need food and drink. I was delighted to have such lovely guests every evening. Zeno, my cat, was a true policeman, standing firmly in front of the hedgehogs so they would avoid the patio.

I set about making the edges of the pond safe for my lovely guests. I asked for help, as I did many times before, mentally calling for the Nature Elementals to assist me. To my delightful surprise, who came to my rescue but the sweetest and most serene faun. My first ever encounter with such a magical being.

‘I love water, especially ponds and lakes,’ It said, ‘but I don’t know much about the task. I am sure we can ask for help and figure it out,’ he continued.

Nature Elementals

I am claircognizant, but in some cases, I can also see the beings of light or nature elementals; this is actually happening more and more often. So I could see and sense this beautiful faun, the brown colour of the earth, who was just as tall as I am  – which is actually not so tall, with my 1.62 metres. Elves suddenly appeared around us, and I also sensed the loving, exquisite energy of Mighty Pan. I received the help I needed, as I was directed precisely how and where to place the stones, the gravel, the sand, etc. In that situation, I could clearly sense the Love and Oneness of the situation – working as One with Nature.

Now my pond is safe and ready, starting to gather water, and already many birds, especially doves, are happy for it. It is waiting for the Spring so I can plant the plants around it. I visit it every day, and I remember this event often, with so much gratitude!

I often experience a beautiful connection between Unconditional Agape Love and the Mighty Pan while in nature, especially while sending healing to Nature. As I do so, I often connect with the Light of the incredible Seraphina. I have been connecting to this mighty being more and more since last year, and it fills me with so much gratitude to do so. I feel so blessed. While walking in Nature, or while sending Love and Light to Nature, her beautiful energy comes through, and I reflect this energy out. This light feels like a rainbow, with many facets, and different wavelengths. I know that Love and the energy of Master Pan are part of these.


Difficult to describe with words, I do not usually reflect on these experiences, besides writing them down as concise notes which I don’t usually read afterwards. However, during that break at the reunion, hearing about two high energies I know, it felt important to really tune into it, understand it, and write proper notes.

I decided to share it with You, as I am learning to share the magical, beautiful, bountiful presence of Nature and its Realms in each moment of my daily life.

With Love and Light,


Author of the ‘Sacred Connection with Trees: Messages for Healing, Wisdom and Peace

Paperback – Published: November 11, 2020