By Elisabeth White Rose

I always loved trees!

I have loved trees, as long as I can remember. We had a beautiful walnut tree in front of my grandparents’ house, planted by my grandparents when my father was born in 1950. It still stands in front of the house, 26 years after my father transitioned into spirit. We used to climb on that tree as children and sit underneath it with the entire family and with the neighbours, during the warm summer evenings. It had a central part of our daily life.

Walking through the forests, being in nature, was just as much a part of my childhood.

However, with years passing by, study, university and so on, I started prioritising other things. Then, to my immense surprise, one day, walking the Sacred Ridgeway (ancient trackway, supposed to be Britain’s oldest one) in the UK, I sat underneath a beautiful chestnut tree, and the tree greeted me. I heard it crystal clear, and it resonated in my entire body. That was the start of many similar experiences. Slowly, I learned how not just to listen but also how to reply to and have long, beautiful talks with the Tree Beings.

Around that time, a deep spiritual development was taking place at my soul level, and I experienced and received more and more insights into the beautiful world of Angelic, Nature and Elemental Realms. I am still on this magical and blessed journey.

I feel so blessed and privileged to be able to communicate with all beings from trees to stones, to animals and insects, from birds to the earth underneath my feet.

Trees will always be so special to me, and my love and gratitude towards the Tree Beings is limitless.

I remember a dream deeply imprinted in my memory. In this dream, I was walking between huge, wise, ancient trees. These Tree Beings grew between old buildings; I recognized it as the Land of the Tree Beings. The pictures I can easily remember, but it is so difficult to express them in words.

One day I was communicating with the Holly Thorn from The Chalice Well, in Glastonbury (one of my spiritual guides), who reminded me that I have a soul contract of rebuilding the connection between the human and tree world. The tree reminded me that in many previous lives, I could not fulfil my soul missions. It also reminded me that I always have a choice, but if I do so, the Universe will help me so I will not feel alone with the task.

If you are also, just like me, connected to the Tree Beings and the Nature Kingdom generally, you might like the book I have written after this communication with the Sacred Thorn. In the book, I have gathered the messages from many beautiful Tree Beings for us, humans. I also describe in the book how I connect to trees and how I send healing light and gratitude to these magnificent beings.

Life on Mother Earth is a journey filled with magic, beauty, and love. I am grateful to share my journey with the Tree Beings and to be able to bring their messages into our human world.

In Love and Light,


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