A Journey to Rediscover your Inner Strength with the Help of Archangel Gabriel and the Ice Bear

Today I would love to guide you through a meditation in which you will connect with the light of the full moon and the white light of Archangel Gabriel. You will also rediscover your inner strength by connecting with an ice bear.

Find a few moments during which you will not be disturbed. Light a white candle, if you wish. Sit or lie down comfortably and take three deep breaths. With every outbreath, you let go of the stresses and strains of the day…… let go of all the thinking and worrying……. and just be here and now! Feel the connection to the floor that is holding you and become aware of your Earth Star chakra underneath your feet. You are held perfectly by Mother Earth and strongly grounded. Your body is relaxed. You start to inhale white light into every cell of your body and exhale white light into your aura. You feel cocooned in high-frequency white light. Ask Archangel Michael to add a layer of blue protective light around your energy field. You are completely safe and well prepared for your inner journey.

Feel your guardian angel by your side. He is taking you by your hand and you are travelling to a faraway land with him. Hand in hand you both are landing on a snow-covered land. You realize that you are well prepared and are wearing warm boots, a thick coat, scarf and gloves. You feel comfortable and start to look around. You are amazed to see that, though it is night, there is light all around. This is the light of the full moon radiating in all its glory. You notice that the fresh, pure white snow is covering a hilly landscape. It is reflecting the moonlight and shimmering and shining like millions of little diamonds. The air is crystal clear and the night is cold. It is magically quiet here and you take time to take this atmosphere in.

Your angel guides you safely on the frozen snow and together you are walking to a cliff. In front of you, there is a dark surface and you realize that you are by the edge of an ocean. The water is completely calm. It looks like a mirror that is reflecting the moonlight. In the distance, you can see huge icebergs shimmering in the silver light of the moon. Everything is peaceful and you can only hear the occasional cracking of the ice.

Suddenly you can see a movement on the surface of the water. A sheet of ice is floating slowly towards you. On it you can see a huge, majestic ice bear. He is sitting proudly and motionless on his floating sheet of ice, radiating tranquility and peace. His pure white fur is merging with the surroundings. Above the bear, you can see a white cloud that seems to be connected to him. The ice bear is magically floating in your direction as if he is on a mission. You feel a deep connection with this mighty being and your heart is opening wide. There is no time and no sound. You feel ONE with everything around you. Slowly the cloud starts to move in your direction and stops above your head. You feel showered by white snowflakes that are neither cold nor really tangible. They permeate through your energy field and your clothes and shower every cell of your body. You are experiencing an energetic cleansing on all levels. Enjoy this precious moment!

Meanwhile you feel and know that these energetic snowflakes from the cloud are from Archangel Gabriel’s energy. He has sent these etheric diamonds to purify your energy field. You raise your face to the full moon and let her light and Archangel Gabriel`s energy stream into you. You let go of all fears that were darkening your chakras. You can now feel your inner light shining brighter and stronger. After a while, you feel beautifully cleansed and cleared on all levels. You open your eyes to look at the ice bear again and you sink deep into his loving eyes. Your vision is so clear now that you are able to see an energetic cord between the bear’s solar plexus chakra and yours. It is a stream of golden light that comes from this majestic and strong being and goes right into the center of your body. You feel as strong as a bear and you are filled with warmth, love and power. Feel how big and strong you are physically, emotionally and mentally. The ice bear has helped you to rediscover your real magnificence and power.

After a while, this energy stream is ceasing and you know that this encounter is coming to an end. You thank the bear. You also express gratitude to Archangel Gabriel. He now forms a fresh white cloud of his energy above the bear and he is slowly moving out of sight. Your guardian angel takes you by the hand and brings you safely back to where you started. Feel the ground underneath your feet and wake your body up slowly. Your solar plexus feels warm. You are centered and strong. Feel your roots going deep into the Earth. Know that the blue cloak of Archangel Michael is around you and you are protected. Radiate your bright light wherever you are!!

Created by

Kerstin Joost, Switzerland