1. Close your eyes and relax your whole body. Feel comfortable on your chair and keep your back straight.

2. Visualize strong, golden roots growing deep into the centre of the Earth, winding themselves around an immense, sparkling crystal. The crystalline energy travels up along your roots, through your Earth Star Chakra and up into your heart. Feel your heart open wide and send your love up through your higher chakras all the way to Source.

3. Source responds and sends down a column of pure love to enfold you. It descends and enters your body through the crown and then travels down into your beautiful heart chakra.

4. Call Archangel Michael to enfold you with his powerful, deeply protective, blue energy and see it sparkling around you.

5. Call your Guardian Angel to your side and feel his loving and protective presence. He is going to take you on a journey to meet the ninth dimensional Diamond Unicorns on Mount Shasta.

6. He takes your hand now and you find yourself flying through the starry, moonlit sky, across space and time, towards California.

7. You take in the breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains and below you can see the Temple of the Diamond Unicorns shimmering under the soft light of the full moon.

8. You are standing in front of the portal which is decorated with shimmering mother of pearl. You knock to be let in.

9. A priestess opens and welcomes you in. You are immediately aware of the high frequency energies in this temple. She takes you to a seating area and serves you a hot, herbal drink. It tastes delicious and prepares you for the healing that you are about to receive.

10. The priestess asks you what kind of healing you need today. You take some time to explain it to her and she listens attentively. You have finished your drink and she asks you to follow her.

11. She takes you through the temple hall into a large, circular healing chamber. Along the circular walls you can see many, very special, big crystals. Take notice of what they are. You might see selenite, clear quartz crystals, diamonds, and you can probably see others too.

12. There is a healing bed in the room and the priestess asks you to make yourself comfortable.

13. The Diamond Unicorns are now entering the chamber, one after the other, and you immediately feel a shift in the energy. You count seven of them, all with a female energy. They surround your healing bed whilst the priestess brings out a variety of different shaped diamonds and lays them out on a small, white table near your bed.

14. One of the Unicorns asks you to close your eyes and surrender. She knows why you are here and her voice is soft and gentle as she speaks to you. She instructs the priestess to start working in your energy fields with the diamonds. You might be aware that the priestess skillfully cuts out any crystallizations that have formed to free you from old beliefs and patterns that no longer support you on your higher path.

15. The priestess has completed her work and the seven Diamond Unicorns use their spiral horn of light to transmit powerful ninth dimensional healing energy to you.

16. Sense and feel how their magnificent light flows into all your body’s chakras. You might feel that they are focusing healing on specific parts. Allow a few minutes for them to complete their work.

17. A Diamond Unicorn tells you that your treatment has come to an end. She might give you some feedback about the healing that you have received so take a moment to listen to her message … Thank the Unicorns for all that you have received.

18. The priestess helps you to sit up whilst the seven Diamond Unicorns leave the chamber.

19. Your Guardian Angel is also here with you and takes you by the hand again. The priestess accompanies you through the temple hall and out of the main portal.

20. Together you fly across space and time through the starry skies whilst the full moon is bathing you lovingly with her energy.

21. You arrive where you started and return safely into your body.

22. Ground yourself by visualizing your big, golden roots that keep you deeply anchored within Mother Earth. Start moving your body and open your eyes, knowing that there is Unicorn magic all around you.

Contributed by Franziska Siragusa, Italy