Full Moon Meditation – 30th November 2020

A Journey with the Unicorns to Keep and Preserve Only Those Things That Serve A Purpose

1. Get yourself comfortable in your space with your feet on the floor, legs uncrossed, hands relaxing on your lap. Gently close your eyes.

2. Take your awareness to your breath. Breathe in peace and harmony. As you breathe out, exhale any cares, worries or concerns.

3. While you breathe out your worries, take your attention to the soles of your feet. You see thick golden roots coming out from both your feet going through the floor into earth. With every breath that you inhale, these roots get stronger and longer as they find their way through the soil below, going deeper and deeper until eventually they reach the core of the Earth. There they find a gigantic crystal, which represents the heart of Mother Earth. Your roots wrap themselves around this crystal.

4. You soak in the energy of Mother Earth and bring this up through the layers of the soil into your body. Through your legs, the energy flows up to your body, up to the base chakras and passes through all the chakras, right up to the crown

chakra. Reveling in the love of Mother Earth and feeling grounded, your crown chakra opens and sends a beam of light through your higher chakras all the way up to the Source. He sends back the most radiant light that you have ever imagined. This light represents the Source or God and it shines on you and fills your chakras with guidance and love.

5. Invoke the mighty Archangel Michael and ask him to place his beautiful protective light around you. You feel or sense a deep blue protective energy surrounding and enfolding you totally in all directions – above you, below you, right side, left side and in front of you as well as behind you. You ask the Angels of Protection to place a sign to stand around the space where you are and welcome them as they take their positions around your room. They spread their wonderful wings and create a marvelous angelic shield of protection around you. Finally see a platinum pyramid of light coming down from heaven and covering the entire building. It touches the ground for your ultimate protection, so that only positive enters the space.

6. Invoke your Guardian Angel, Spirit Guides, Masters and Unicorns to guide you and oversee the visualisation now.

7. As you take another breath in, invoke Archangel Mariel and Lavender along with Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst to overlight you to work on yourself through your soul star chakra. Invite the unicorns to help you to remove anything that doesn’t serve any purpose through their horns and veil.

8. Sense, feel, visualise or imagine a beautiful unicorn, or unicorns, reaching out to you and standing around you. They are here for removing anything that doesn’t serve you and is ready to go out of your aura and life.

9. Now as you allow the unicorns to come near you, trusting and believing in their wisdom for you, they start removing ties from your soul star chakra. These appear like satin threads. We give them some time to do this and simultaneously feel lighter and peaceful ………….

10. Once they complete their work, thank your dear Unicorns. They are ready to take leave of you now. Thank Archangel Mariel and Lavender and Archangel

Zadkiel and Amethyst for creating a support system for you for the entire process. They now take their leave.

11.It is time for you to come back. With a smile on your face, you open your eyes. Feel the firm golden roots and know that you are protected by Archangel Michael.