Message from Diana

While I was meditating about the School, I suddenly found myself projected into the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas with all the teachers of the School.

There were many Illumined Ones with us, including Jesus, Mother Mary, Lord Melchizidek and Serapis Bey, all dressed in white.  We were also ringed by unicorns.

I was given the message that there are many spiritual schools on Earth that vibrate on lower frequencies.  They look with joy and delight at the Diana Cooper School because the teachers are pure in heart and hold high intention.

They said, forget that other Schools are richer, bigger or better known.  We hold white diamond light and this has earned us the attention of many Illumined Beings.  We are aligned to the Great White Brotherhood and all the White Brotherhoods.

We have been granted the right to be known as a School of White Light and by calling ourselves the Diana Cooper School of White Light our name will reflect this. I was told it is really important to maintain our purity as part of the White Brotherhood.

At a Diana Cooper School reunion many years ago Mother Mary stepped forward and gave us her white rose, connecting us to her energy.  At a later reunion Lord Melchizedek also presented himself as a Holder of Wisdom for our School.

Serapis Bey holds us in the light of the White Ascension Flame and Jesus in the pure white frequency of the Christ Light.

As we talk about the dragon kingdom, these ancient, wise and open-hearted beings, align with us and protect our frequency.  Unicorns too pour their blessings over us as we spread their light.

Our task is to hold ourselves in the integrity of the upper level of the fifth dimension and spread this energy in our courses and by harmonic transference.

Whether you are a Diana Cooper School of White Light teacher or a visitor to our website, you are receiving a download of diamond white light as you read these words.

Bless you and love,