The Golden Future – Raise the Frequency of the World

by Diana Cooper


When people complain that they are worried about the future for their children or grandchildren, I tell them that future generations are blessed for we are moving towards a beautiful golden future.


Right now we are going through an upheaval as all the things that we have become used to, like education and health systems, high streets and policing, are collapsing.  This is because they belong to the old third-dimensional age and we are currently setting up a totally new fifth-dimensional one.  A brand-new blueprint for Earth will be put into place in 2032.

People’s consciousness in the golden future will be very different.  Everyone will enjoy abundance consciousness, open, loving hearts and total honesty. Caring, sharing and community-mindedness will be the energy of the fifth dimensional golden age.  New high-frequency technology will enable everyone to enjoy bountiful food, pure water and free eco-power, with the mindset to use it for the highest good.


To enable us to reach this more smoothly and quickly I have been asked to facilitate an event to RAISE THE FREQUENCY OF THE WORLD.


First, we will raise the frequency of your third eye, where abundance and enlightenment and other special energies are held.  This will move us towards world peace. Then Adrian Lee will do a massive Akashic record clearing that will set you free of the beliefs and burdens that have been holding you back.  It prepares you to raise your vibration. And then we will go through a beautiful process to merge with our Monad, the part of us that is beyond our higher self.  It is our original divine blueprint. 

During this meditation, we will connect with Archangels, who will awaken higher qualities within us.  If you wish to have a closer relationship with the angels, this meditation will enable you to connect clearly.  You will also meet the unicorns. The light of the angels will help us to unlock and release the divine energies held in the planets!!  This is awesome and everyone can do it.  This is not only for very high-frequency people.  We can all take part and it will accelerate our individual ascension process.

This day is also about service.  Together we will access, unlock and release 11D light from the Great Central Sun, Helios.  Also 11D higher love from Andromeda and 11D unicorn light from Lyra.  Then these incredible energies will be anchored into the Great Pyramid in the centre of Hollow Earth so that they are available for humanity.  

We will allow the energies from the planets to channel through us into Earth where it will merge with the golden Earth wisdom, so that it becomes golden white.  This is a higher frequency than gold and will enable our planet to radiate golden white light, containing power with wisdom.  You can help Earth take her rightful place in the universe.

It is a beautiful experience to merge with your Monad.  Relax and enjoy the experience.  During it, automatically, your 12 strands of DNA are connected.  All our Monads will merge and the light released will illuminate the entire universe!!!  How awesome is that?

Finally, we will take our petitions to the Intergalactic Council to help our planet ascend fully into the fifth dimension.

This is a special and incredibly powerful day that will help to bring about the Golden Future.

Please add your energy to the meditations and know that you have helped to raise the frequency of the world.

In my new book THE GOLDEN FUTURE, also on audible, I offer hope and inspiration about the amazing world that awaits us, with a clear vision of what to expect and instructions to ensure you are ready to participate.  I also share what is happening now and why, to place everything into perspective. 

Remember that the years between 2012 and 2032 are the most important that there have ever been in the history of the planet!  Within that period Archangel Metatron says that the RAISE THE FREQUENCY OF THE WORLD event on 22nd October is the most important event since the cosmic moment of 2012.  Please be part of it.  Together we can do it. Click here to get your ticket.