The Divine Feminine Energy

by Meghna Baruah Majumdar

Raising to a New Dimension

Humanity is right now on the cusp of a major jump shift from a third-dimensional world to a fifth-dimensional world. During these challenging times, we are becoming more and more aware of the divine
feminine energy. The divine feminine energy is not just restricted to women. In fact, it is a power within both genders whether one is aware of it or not. It manifests with the embodiment of intuition, nurturing, love and compassion.
This sacred energy co-exists with the divine masculine energy and both are equally crucial to create the ying-yang balance within us and around us.

Woman’s Super Power

Due to years of oppression of women, we as a race had lost the connection with our feminine side, which is disheartening because we were all born with these beautiful qualities of love, sensitivity, nurturing, kindness, compassion, and intuition. It is not a sign of weakness to ‘feel’ for another person. In fact, it is our super-power.

Dismantling the Old

However, now we’re gradually transitioning back to the more feminine way of life as more and more souls awaken to embody their more gentle side. This is the need of the hour. For centuries this planet has been dominated by masculine energy without empowering its feminine counterpart. The result of this is evident all around us as we are in the midst of a pandemic, natural calamities and a war. In other words, there is chaos everywhere in the world because of this imbalance. The dismantling of the old patriarchal structures is culminating together to bring forth the New Earth template.

The rise of the more empowered feminine energy will hopefully make all humans- male, female, transgender come together in true equality with each other. It’s time to heal past wounds and to allow oneself to make decisions from a place of love where one is calm and centred. For once let your ego step back.

A Time to Release

This is also the perfect time to do the inner work and release all old family patterns, belief systems, clear our karma and let go of all the redundant energies that no longer serve us. After all, we are moving into a New Golden Age of 2032. Whether we are male or female in this incarnation, we are all being affected by the Rise of the Divine Feminine codes of light that are returning to earth. This is creating a matrix while reactivating these codes within those who are open to change and willing to accept. All the sleeping beauties have been guided to awaken and take action for they are now remembering who they were, where they came from, what their mission here on earth is.

Be True to Your Essence

As women, this is our time to step up and fulfil our roles with honesty, authenticity, and integrity. We do not need to be like the men folk we work with but instead need to compliment them in whatever we do by being true to our essence. It is the responsibility of our souls to work in harmony with love, wisdom and gentle precision.

When we believe in our own magic and empower each other, we help raise the frequency of our planet as well. It is time we stand as one and create a beautiful new reality together. Let us bring together both our masculine and feminine energies to balance and reinforce the everlasting, ancient and inseparable bond of Shiv and Shakti.