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Mildred Ryan
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Angels MT, Ascension MT, Golden Atlantis MT, Lemurian Planetary Healing MT, Nature World MT, Towards 2032 MT, Transform Your Life MT
Dublin 16
Mildred is based in Dublin, Ireland.

My vision is to empower people to expand and step forward into their full potential, creating the lives they want to live, full of Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony and Fulfilment.

I have been blessed with many opportunities over the years to train and run courses, assisting people to heal and expand their consciousness. It is an honour to share my work with you.

Through running Teacher Training courses, I take people on a journey of spiritual growth and expansion, and they are empowered with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to run their own workshops and classes.

Sacred sound is an important part of my own spiritual journey. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to show others how sound can enhance their lives, with its ability to heal right down to a cellular level, as it uplifts and expands consciousness.

My passion in life is being close to nature and the ocean, having time to rest and ‘breathe’, dance, laugh and having fun with friends. I also have a passionate love for all animals and a deep respect for Mother Earth.

I am excited by my work, knowing that everything is interconnected, and as each of us individually experiences more joy, love, peace and fulfilment, this has a ripple effect – touching everyone and everything else around us – giving us the possibility of creating Heaven on Earth.