Angel Teacher Training
In Kolkata, India- January 2020

If you would like to be the light going out into the world, help others connect to the Angels, advance your career in spiritual field, then this is for you. Become a Certified Angel Teacher with Diana Cooper School of White Light and join the league of world-class Trainers and therapists world over, who have been successfully transforming the lives of millions.

If you have been having an inner calling to teach about Angels or deepen and master the subject, this training is your answered prayer!

“ In 2012 I trusted my inner guidance and took a step on this journey, brought this beautiful work to hundreds of people through workshops, channelling, healing, retreat, more than 25 various kinds of Angel workshops done around the country and taught people from several countries! The journey and experience has been priceless, for me and each participant and their families. And all that started with one simple step of ‘trust’ and being at the DCSWL Trainer course, even when I had no intention to teach back then.

Divine always has ways to help you fulfill your purpose. I hope you find your higher guidance and take right action step, knowing that you walk with Great Divine Beings and it’s time for us to raise the frequency of this planet” ~ Meghaa

Angel Teacher Training, starting at India (Kolkata) on 11th January – 19th January 2020.

To know more please get in touch with Master Teacher Meghaa Gupta. Email : or Call on : (+91) 9007056166