Silver Lunar Dragon Aura Spray Recipe

by dragon teacher, Susan Browne

Make your own aura and/or room spray infused with the light of the full moon and the Silver Lunar Dragons.


  • A blue glass spray bottle or other suitable clean spray bottle free from odours.
  • Water (you can use filtered, some people like to use distilled water, and also a spoon of organic alcohol for preserving – this would be added at the end along with the essential oils)
  • A large bowl for the water, such as a glass casserole dish with a lid.
  • Crystals or gemstones of your choice if you have them.
  • A small bowl or glass, if you are using crystals and don’t want them to be directly in the water as some crystals will spoil if you put them in water, especially those ending ite.
  • Something to cover the bowl(s)
  • A candle.
  • A funnel or small jug, a ladle.
  • And, if you would like, some essential oils that you like the fragrance of.
  • The Silver Lunar Dragon card if you have Diana Cooper’s Dragon Oracle Deck. If you don’t have it, just spend some time looking at the image so you absorb it’s energy and connect with these dragons.


  1. Do this around the time of a full moon – on the day, the day before or the day after when the moon is at her fullest.
  2. Prepare everything you need.
  3. Light a candle.
  4. Put the Silver Lunar Dragon card propped up so you can see it while you are making your spray.
  5. Clear yourself, the necessary utensils and the space energetically by calling in Archangel Michael’s dragons and asking them to do so.
  6. For sprays with crystals, add a smaller bowl or glass with the desired crystals into your larger bowl.
  7. Invoke the Silver Lunar Dragons and ask them to bathe you in divine feminine light and activate and expand your causal chakra. Invoke an archangel and master of your choice and ask them to infuse your spray with any special qualities you might like. Invoke the crystal devas of your chosen crystals, or if you don’t have any, tune into the energy of moonstone in the planet and ask her to pour her light into your spray. Ask them all to please put their love, light, frequency and energy for happiness and joy into the water and to anchor it there permanently.
  8. Remember to thank all the beings for their blessings.
  9. Cover the bowl(s) and leave overnight outside or on a windowsill.
  10. Light a candle and thank the angels, dragons, masters and crystals. Using the ladle and funnel (or a little jug), add the blessed and energised water into the spray bottle, this is the time to add organic alcohol if you are using it, then add your essential oils, and gently shake it until everything has mixed well.
  11. Your spray is ready for you to enjoy. Label it if you want and make a note of all the qualities, helpers and ingredients.

Every time you apply this spray to your aura or your space, you add the energy of the divine feminine and the silver lunar dragons and any other intentions you have added to your spray.