with Mother Mary, Mermaids, and Unicorns.

– Make yourself comfortable, keep your back straight and take a couple of deep inhalations.

– With every in and out breath you release tensions from your body, so you feel more relaxed.

– Imagine that you are walking barefoot along a path between meadows. In front of you the path ends and you find a majestic, beautiful, very tall oak tree. You stand in front of it, you can touch it.

– You feel the bark under your hands and imagine that under your feet roots are starting to grow, and just like the beautiful roots of this tree they are anchored deeply into Mother Earth.

– Your roots go deep, deep into. the ground, further and further, until they reach a beautiful

cave. In the middle of the earth in the cave are different crystals, and in the middle of the crystals is a beautiful clear quartz geode. It sends out its pure crystalline frequency. Absorb this frequency, see how it washes white light over you, white crystalline light.

– Your roots are anchoring you in here, they are nourished by Mother Earth with her beautiful golden liquid energy. It moves up through all parts of your roots. Feel how they become stronger, healthier, and connected with beautiful Mother Earth.

– The golden energy reaches your feet, moves up your legs, your hips, and up to your Heart

Chakra, to your throat, your head, and out of your crown chakra and connects with the sky.

– You go up with the golden energy, connecting with the sky like an eagle soaring high. The eagle is connected with the energy of the sky, and with the light.

– Pure white light is flowing down through your higher chakras, Source is coming down through the cosmos, and touching your crown chakra.

– Now you are connected to Mother Earth and the Cosmos. Expand the light out into your aura. Feel in your aura the pure white light, and ask Archangel Metatron to surround you in a bubble of beautiful golden orange light.

– Ask Archangel Michael to put his deep blue cloak of protection around you.

– Take a moment to return to your heart centre.

– Mother Mary steps into your energy field, feel her wonderful aquamarine colour surrounding you, soothing you.

– Mother Mary, so full of love, calmness, gentleness and generosity, stretches out her hand and you take it, and together you will go for a little journey, and you feel yourself being transported through space and time.

– You are standing on the warm sand in bare feet feeling the warm fresh air on your face, you are aware of the aroma of the ocean and the sound of the waves.

– In the distance you see beings moving towards the beach, as they come closer you realise that they are mermaids.

– They stop at a distance because they cannot come any closer. One mermaid who will be your guide waves to you and asks you to walk in the narrow channel of water towards her.

– Mother Mary encourages you to go, it is safe, you will be able to breathe freely under the water. You go towards the mermaids and together you swim under the water.

– The water is wonderful, you see colourful fish, sea turtles, and at a distance, dolphins. They enjoy the company of the gentle and joyful mermaids. It is such a pleasure to swim with them in the ocean.

– Now you reach a cave under the water and you swim inside it, there is enough space to stand up. You walk around to admire the corals, and the many shining blue crystals.

– The mermaid asks you to sit down. She has a special gift for you, a crystal from Lemuria. It is a piece of Opal shimmering with different shades of blue. She puts it in your hands and you admire it.

– The mermaid tells you that by holding this beautiful opal it will facilitate new visions, to imagine the future, the road you want to choose, and the future for our wonderful Mother Earth.

– Let us imagine together the beautiful future that lies ahead of us.

– A future where all living beings live in harmony, in peace with joy and laughter.

Where everybody has a loving open heart.

Where the people remember and everybody honours our beloved planet Earth.

Where we gather together to celebrate the changes of the seasons with respect for

Mother Earth.

We give her blessings and gratitude and offerings.

We are working close together with nature.

We treat the animals like our fellow human beings.

And we can feel the angels helping us.

– Just take one or two minutes with this lovely vision of the future, of the New Golden Age.

– Now the mermaid brings you back to the shore where Mother Mary is waiting for you, she is not alone. There are hundreds and thousands of Unicorns with her.

– There is still one more thing to do.

– Before you go, you show your gratitude to the mermaid for the special gift of the blue Opal from Lemuria, and she disappears into the water.

– You give your hand to Mother Mary, and together you rise up into the sky surrounded by the Unicorns, and together you spread white and golden light over Mother Earth.

– You send pure love and healing and peace into the heart of every living being.

– Now you feel that Mother Mary brings you back and you are aware that you are back in your room where you started the journey.

– Mother Mary and the unicorns leave you.

– Become aware of your body, take a few deep breaths, feel the ground under your feet and feel that you are anchored deeply into the earth with your roots.

– When you are ready open your eyes.