My Two Unicorn Guides

by Jutta Lorenz

About twelve years ago, when I was meditating beside a small river near my home in France, a beautiful white unicorn approached me. She told me her name was Aurora. At that time, Aurora had a white horn. On another occasion, a pink baby unicorn followed Aurora. She had a magenta mane and told me her name was Minerva. There is a Cathar City, not far away, called Minerve, and Diana Cooper told me that Minerva takes care of the town, healing the Cathar issues. 

In recent months, it was only Minerva who appeared when I called on them. I did not see Aurora for a long time. A few weeks ago, she came back with a golden horn and was in another dimension, which is probably why I did not see her. Minerva is grown up now, and seems to be a much lighter pink. She is almost the size of Aurora, and her horn is still white. For me, Minerva’s energy is more playful, Aurora seems to be more “serious”, but still full of joy and wonder.

When Minerva was small and her horn was very short, she had difficulty directing her horn, but there were lots of colourful stars coming out of it. Minerva still learns a lot from Aurora, who is like a gentle mother to her. They sometimes show up with Mother Mary, or there is an aquamarine light around them.

Lemurian Planetary Healing


During the Lemurian healing, Aurora or Minerva often appear by themselves, and I get on their back and we fly to the places around the world that need healing. I can see lots of beautiful, coloured sparkles or stars flowing out of their horns, which they point at places to heal them. Minerva is strong enough now to take me on her back, and I very much enjoy the ride with both unicorns. Sometimes, they take me to the Himalayas to meet the Great White Brotherhood. They work very closely together with the Great White Brotherhood and they love the purity of the Himalayas very much.

I really enjoy seeing them or sensing them close to me. I love their purity and playfulness, and their presence is always comforting and healing at a soul level. Also, I feel very blessed that they are in my life, to guide me together with my Guardian Angels.

My Life Purpose & the Unicorns


I am sure that they arrange coincidences together with the angels to make me understand that I lived at Montségur in the Middle Ages. They help me realise it is a part of my life’s purpose, to organise Spiritual Journeys to Montségur, to heal the place, and to do healing and forgiving work.

The unicorns are so pure that they can see the light in every person and make me understand that more and more. I am very thankful for that. Their energy is always encouraging, light, and uplifting. I am sure that they will help us bring about the New Golden Age, where everybody will recognise their own unicorn, like in the Golden Time of Atlantis.

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