Meditation for December 8th 2022

Cold Moon

Meditation with the Archangels to release the year with  grace, and make space to welcome the blessings for an abundant new year.


  1. With your eyes closed take a few deep and golden breaths in and out. Feel the radiant light of the angels filling every cell of your body and aura.
  2. Bring your focus to the soles of your feet and send your strong healthy roots down to connect to Lady Gaia’s heart at the core of the Earth and ground yourself really well. Allow the brilliant light from Source to flow down through your chakra column and anchor it to the Source of Divine Light and Love.
  3. You are well protected by Archangel Michael’s protective shield around your aura and His deep blue dragon by your side. The Archangel’s  Uriel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael along with your Guardian Angel join to form a circle of loving light around you.
  4. The Archangels help you to take an inventory of your life and ask you to release all worries concerning each area of your life into their care.
  5. Firstly Archangel Raphael comes in with a big basket and asks you to place all your concerns and worries about your health and well-being, or that of your loved ones into His basket. You collect all those worries and put them into the big basket that can accommodate anything that you may want to place in it. The Archangel now works on you and speaks to you about what you can do to help Him to better heal you ……(pause).  As you take a breath of relief, the Archangel flies away with this basket and raises it to the Light of God.
  6. Archangel Michael comes in with a big basket and asks you to place all your concerns and worries about your Protection, or that of your loved ones, your home, your work, or even your finance, into His basket. You take all those out of your aura and mind, and place them into His care. He assures you that right from this moment He and His band of mercy are always watching over you, over all of your belongings, and your loved ones day and night. Feel His protective presence enfolding you and comforting you now ……(pause).  You watch the Archangel fly away with the basket leaving a trail of sparkling blue light.
  7. Archangel Chamuel now walks in with His basket. With His help you empty all the pockets of your heart where you had stored any pain, unforgiveness, hurt, anger or resentment. You ask Him to replace it with love and forgiveness, and to heal your heart so you can enjoy giving and receiving love fully. You let the Archangel touch your heart and feel His angels placing their hand over your heart to heal it.
  8. You are then joined by Archangel Uriel and Gabriel who together hold a big basket. They ask you to place in it anything else concerning any other area of your life that may have been a concern for you in the recent past, including your spiritual life.  You place all your concerns and requests into the basket stating what your heart longs to express and experience. Let the angels take these to the light of God, while the Archangels now work on you, and speak to you words of wisdom ……(pause).
  9. You feel Archangel Gabriel’s White ray of purity bathing you, and Archangel Uriel’s golden rainbow energy replenishing you ……(pause). You feel your aura and bodies radiant, and filled with loving light of the Archangels who are now watching over you ……(pause).
  10. Thank the Archangels for healing every area of your life today and acknowledge their presence in your life, now and forever more.
  11. Feel your roots grounding you once again and Archangel Michael and His dragons protecting you. Gently and slowly savouring these moments, open your eyes with a smile.