By Kerstin Joost

Magic numbers in my bedroom

The angels keep surprising me! This time mainly through their creativity, their humour and their forward-looking planning. A few days ago, when I got up in the morning, I saw something strange lying on the floor of my bedroom. Something that had definitely not been there in the evening: I found 3 playing cards under my window! They were UNO cards and they showed numbers. In a row, lying next to each other, I first saw the card with number 1, a second one with the number down and the third card with number 9. After the first shock, I thought: have the angels run out of feathers? And then my head started looking for an explanation – where did the cards come from? And gradually I could find an answer: the day before I had put a tea towel on the heater under the window. I must have moved the cards that had been hidden there for some time and they fell to the floor. I hadn’t noticed them in the evening, but maybe they were already there. I have been living in this apartment for two years and often put something on the heating, nothing has ever come to light. So why today?

Number Explanations

I turned the middle card over and found an 8. It looked like a message from the angels who wanted to send me a personal message with exactly these numbers. So I looked up “angel numbers” on the Internet and found these explanations: the 19 (without the middle card, which was initially reversed) means that a chapter of my life ends and a new one begins. In other words: one door closes and a new one opens. That sounded very promising! I then looked up the combination of all three numbers. The 189 wants to encourage me to start a new phase of my life with full faith and trust while being of service to others and to humanity as a lightworker. The universe will always take care of my financial needs!

Financial Support from the Angels

I was speechless and deeply touched by these messages. They are very fitting and hit the bull’s eye. I’ve been a full-time teacher at the Diana Cooper School of White Light and coach for a few months now, and my thoughts often revolve around my finances. My spiritual helpers have managed to calm me down enormously and to confirm that I am on the right path. The magic in all of this is the perfect timing: the cards must have been hidden there by the kids who lived in this room over 2 years ago. And now the time has come for the angels to deliver the message. I laughed out loud! Thank you! If you ever see sequences of numbers that catch your eye and touch your heart, they are probably greetings from your angels! They speak a language that will touch you.

Kerstin Joost, Zürich.