Lemurian Unicorns and Masters

by Meghaa Gupta

Messages from the Lemurians

Messages for the Earth beings from Lemurian Beings and Universal Unicorns

The message that the Master and the Unicorn gave me was to tell the humans not to be too hard on themselves. That they are doing well and that they are not destroying the Earth but rather participating in its ascension. And just like a person’s ascension can be an experience of passing through the darkest of times, the planet also has gone through its own darkest times, only to come to greater light. So feel not that you are not participating in the holy act of purifying the earth, in fact, you are much celebrated for your contribution to the earth’s purging. Every act with pure intention and all your efforts are leading this planet forward.

Messages on belonging and home
While some of you may feel a disconnect with Earth and may not have a sense of belonging but the Earth is home too. Wherever you are, you are home. You carry the essence of home inside, you carry Him and all He has created inside. You are home wherever you are. Home is you.

The Journey to Lemuria

The Master and Lemurian Unicorns

When I connected with Mount Shasta I had some extraordinary experiences that I was told to share by the Lemurian Master and the Unicorns. They wanted me to help those who carry the pure Lemurian Light within them but may be unaware of its power and purpose in their lives.

There was a sense of familiarity, as many of you may feel when you connect to the mountain, and it seemed that the mountain had music that kept drawing me closer to it and calling out to me. In my meditations, I connected to the sacred portal to Telos, the ancient Lemurian city that still exits under the sacred Mount Shasta. I was invited there for several days continuously in my inner journey where my Lemurian guides introduced themselves to me. My Lemurian Unicorn, who has the most dazzling diamond silvery light around him, and each time I looked at him, it almost made my heart melt and I could feel the tears of pure joy welling up in my eyes.

With their powerful Lemurian crystals, they activated for me and for many others it seemed, the memories of being and serving in Lemuria. Once I was ready, the Lemurian Master introduced himself to me. He looked ethereal and I could see pure white and pale lavender energies around him. His heart almost encompasses the whole planet and He has been watching and working on Earth since it became inhabitable. He showed me the history of Lemuria, and how the beings arrived and instantly loved the Earth and made it home. They worked in love and harmony and I kept hearing music all this while. I still am hearing it in my heart.

Lemurian Crystals hold the Vision of Purity

The Unicorn continued to take me deeper and deeper into the magical experiences and my Master continued to grace me with His presence. I continued to see everything as though I had lavender shades on. We were then as if absorbed completely into the crystals and the scene then changed completely. All I see now was how dazzling diamond white the earth is. Every plant, tree rock, or being looked pure and so ethereal. Before I could ask, the Master said that this is the vision the Lemurians still hold for the planet earth and when the planet ascends and the beings on it ascend, this will be the reality for this beautiful planet.

The Masters, Unicorns, Lady Gaia, and the beings of Lemuria invite you to work them often in your inner journeys and let your Lemurian gifts resurface for you.

I pray that you follow the songs in your heart and the Unicorns and the Masters reawaken you to your Lemurian gifts and purity. May your Lemurian Light shine bright and radiant and your radiance helps the Earth Ascend to its rightful place.