A Journey to the Hollow Earth Portal with the Dragons of Lemuria, Golden Atlantis, and Angel Dolphins.

Purpose: To rediscover your soul’s wisdom from the best lives that you have lived during your Golden Atlantis and Lemurian incarnations. Let the Dragons, Angel Dolphins, and Lemurian Masters help you to bring these gifts in service to Earth for the next Golden Age.

 Created by Master Teacher, Meghaa Gupta, India




  1. Begin with a few deep breaths and visualise yourself standing close to the calm, deep blue ocean. As you are breathing in, allow the golden Christ Light to go down to your feet and breathe out focusing on your feet, allowing thick, golden roots to develop. With every breath, your roots are becoming thicker, stronger, and anchored to earth’s core. You are grateful for every breath that you take … for the air that fills your lungs with love and with life and the joy of living. You are attuned to the white light of the Source.
  2. Protect yourself with the Christ Light and an Orange Golden Bubble of Ascension from Archangel Metatron.
  3. Your Guardian Angel, a Golden Dragon, and an Angel Dolphin are here to be with you and guide you on this journey. You can now feel their loving presence enfolding you.
  4. The Angel Dolphin invites you to climb onto her back. You are invited to swim with her in the ocean. You gladly agree and do so easily. Knowing all that you need to breathe easily under water, you, along with the Dragon and your Guardian Angel, swim into the depths of the ocean on the dolphin’s back.
  5. Swimming through space, time and dimensions in an instant, you find yourself moving through the tunnel of golden light that transports you close to the central crystal of the Golden Atlantean times.
  6. The Golden Atlantean Dragon invites you to touch the central crystal and its energies bathe you in the purest of light.
  7. He whispers something into the crystal and you now start receiving glimpses of the best life that you have lived in the Golden Age of Atlantis… (pause)
  8. Notice any memories surfacing for you. Can you remember what you did back then and how you helped the planet with your gifts?
  9. Allow your precious gifts to resurface for you as the Dragon and the Angel Dolphin activate the symbols of awakening for you. Your guides now share with you how you are to serve the planet in the coming Golden Age…(pause).
  10. Your Dragon and Guardian Angel now help you to connect once again to the central crystal of Mother Earth. You can hear the beating of your heart and its rhythmic music. The heart of Lady Gaia welcomes you. Her crystalline heart absorbs you fully and once again you travel through space, time, and dimensions. When the golden mists clear, you find yourself in a paradise you have never seen before. The Golden Dragon welcomes you to the glorious age of Lemuria.
  11. You meet with extraordinary beings that work with Mother Earth, holding the Lemurian Light and Wisdom on this planet in all its glory. You can learn their ways with them if you like … The ancient Lemurian Masters invite you to connect with the powerful Lemurian crystals. You touch and feel the connection to the stars. The light from various star systems is anchored through these crystals, and into the Earth and you. Let yourself be absorbed into the gentle, healing Light from the crystals, the songs of Earth, and the beating of Gaia’s heart …(pause)
  12. Notice any memories surfacing for you from the best lives that you have lived in Lemuria and thank the Lemurian Masters and the Dragon for allowing your precious gifts to resurface for you.
  13. Your guides now share with you how you are to serve the planet in the coming Golden Age…(pause).
  14. It’s time to thank the Lemurian Masters, the Dragons, and Angel Dolphins. Once again you touch the central crystal and, with your guides, you are transported back through space, time, and dimensions on the dolphin’s back. You emerge from the ocean easily with many precious soul gifts.
  15. Let the golden Christ Light and Archangel Metatron wrap you in their protective shields.
  16. You are well-grounded and back with experiences that will last you a lifetime. Take some time and note your experiences or perhaps paint them.


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