With Lord Sanat Kumara and the Principalities

A Meditation shared by Asha Doshi
  1. Relax, and breathe deeply and evenly, focusing your mind on your breath. Notice your body as you relax, and consciously allow each part of your body to relax more.
  2. Allow your thick strong golden roots to go deeper into the earth and embrace the central crystal of hollow earth. Making your foundation strong and unshakable.
  3. Allow the pure white gold light of Source to flow through you. This light travels from Source to your Monad and your soul group, your higher self and to your personality self.
  4. Request Archangel Michael to cover you with his royal blue cloak of protection.
  5. Ask the Fire Dragons to remove any obstacles on your journey.
  6. Take a moment to notice your guardian angel, walking along with you.
  7. Call upon angels of your country (of your birthplace or the country in which you are living). Call upon the Principalities Angels of your country to join you. You can also call upon your personal dragon and Guarding Dragon of your country. Pray to Lord Sanat Kumara to overlight and watch over your service work.
  8. Set the clear intention of holding the light of your country.
  9. Allow your guardian angel to hold your hand and guide you. Your personal dragon is now asking you to sit on its back. Your dragon moves upward towards the sky and takes you up above your beloved country.
  10. You joyfully recognise the beauty of your country, the rivers, the mountains, the lush green forest, and wonderful people helping each other. The shining golden hearts of people can be perceived from above. Bask in this love and joy. You can also identify the dark areas of your country, covered with dark fog, where you see dishonesty, disharmony, sadness and other lower frequencies.
  11. You ask your guardian angel to connect with the guardian angels of all those people with the Golden Heart of your country. Ask them to join you in your mission of holding the light of your country.
  12. Lovingly acknowledge the people with golden hearts and their guardian angels who have agreed to join you, and are now flying toward you on their personal dragons.
  13. As you greet each soul with gratitude, more golden light flows towards you.
  14. You and these precious souls are now forming a circle around your country. Even more souls are joining you. The Ascended Masters and the Unicorns are coming down from upper dimensions to witness, support and bless this noble work.
  15. You request the Principalities of your country and Lord Sanat Kumara, to guide you in your mission. There is now a huge beam of light coming down from Cosmic Heart, with blessings from Venus. Lord Sanat Kumara is watching over you and blessing you. The Principalities of your country are beside you and you can feel their huge light presence.
  16. These principalities are now leading you to the parts of the country being held back by lower frequencies. From above it looks like a web of dark chains, and with the guidance of principalities, you all are passing the decree to remove the veil of darkness from your country. Say aloud three times together:


“In the name of God and all that is Divine Light, under Grace, we ask that all lower frequency vibrations in (….insert the name of your country) safely dissolve and become transmuted into Divine Light. We ask that all of its inhabitants are lovingly guided to their highest pathway for the highest good. We now call forth our responsibilities and blessings as Co-Creators in the Divine Plan for the New Golden Age.

And So Be It”


  1. Become aware of the powerful beam of white light coming down from Source, lovingly shining its blessings upon all. This light is now bathing all the area of darkness, transmuting lower frequencies and bathing these areas with more light.
  2. See the light of all areas of the country shining brightly. This light is now entering Hollow Earth… and brightening it within, spreading to the leylines, clearing and closing any lower frequency portals. The masters from above are sending their blessings in the form of more golden light, angels and all Light Beings are witnessing this sacred Divine ceremony. Each sings the harmonics of Divinity over the country.
  3. Ask that the Principalities of your country place a golden bubble around your country to keep it vibrating in higher frequency.
  4. With gratitude in your heart, you say thank you to all the people of your country who joined you in this mission. You thank Lord Sanat Kumara, the Principalities, Masters, and Dragons, Unicorns, and all the Light Beings who accompanied you and blessed your country.
  5. Now you are ready to come back from where you started your journey. With immense joy in your heart, you ride back on your dragon, along with your guardian angel.
  6. Move your awareness back into your body. Draw in your aura and your chakras to the size which seems comfortable to you.  Press your feet firmly on the ground and request Archangel Sandalphon to ground you. Ask Archangel Michael to envelop you in his royal blue cloak of protection.
  7. Gently open your eyes.

Repeat this as desired, so that you can hold the light of your country. This will help your homeland to evolve into the fifth dimension, bringing the New Golden Age on this Earth.