Hello from Heaven

A series of heartwarming stories of miracles and divine intervention, by Meghaa Gupta 

My Guardian Angel helped me find romance  (Story submitted by Barkha Gupta Ray)

When my sister Meghaa conducted her first few workshops on Angels about nine years ago, I loved helping her organize those classes. I would often slip into meditations and have very deep experiences. I was so excited to know who my guardian angel was and I especially remember the deep sense of love enfolding me that lasted for days and grew ever so more.

I connected with my angel in my very first meditation. Though I wasn’t sure of his name. Each time I would ask for the name I would see a single brilliant bright star in my vision like the Pole star at night. Though I could not understand why, when I would ask the angels to clarify, it seemed to me they are smiling and saying “you would know soon”. So I started calling my angel ‘A star’.

Ever since then many magical encounters have made me believe in the power of faith and divine intervention. I would often find help, difficult doors opening up, and magic happening. I knew it was my guardian angel always at work and I would look up and say ‘thank you’ with a smile.

Then the magic happened..

Two years later, I saw this very dashing man, who is now my husband Dhruv, for the first time at a spiritual workshop. I remember jokingly saying to my friends then that I am going to marry him. He was so handsome and from what I could understand he was also very courteous and kind to people. I had said that jokingly and I didn’t think of it much. But I started having that vision of ‘A star’ in my meditations again.

Somehow Dhruv and I became friends and I started to see what a gem of a person he is. Even though I wasn’t open to love then, it seemed all those around me knew I deserved more love than I allowed myself. I felt my angels working through my friends and especially through my sister. She seemed to just know that Dhruv and I are meant to be together. She helped me heal my heart from the old and open my heart to the miracles of love again. It wasn’t easy for me but I was surrounded with so much support from her, so much love from him, and immense blessings from above. The angels helped me feel that I am worthy of love and that I deserve all the good God is showering me with. He is the most precious gift life could have given me. His love has made me a better person! All that I had put on my vision board at the angels class has come to life!

What the visions meant..

The most amazing thing happened to me when my guardian angel showed me the meaning of those visions. The name Dhruv in Hindi means ‘the Pole Star’, the brightest and most brilliant star in the sky. I now understand the meaning of those visions that my angels would give me. That is what Dhruv has been to me, an angel sent to love me, and my guiding star. My guardian angel seems to be amused and I feel him showering me with stardust from above.

All my life my guardian angel has been walking with me and now I have an angel in human form by my side for life. And my sister Meghaa, I can not thank her enough for being my angel and being so for hundreds of others likewise!

Oh yes, in case you were curious, Dhruv and I got engaged shortly after that and are happily married now. I wish million such angel miracles to everyone, every day!

Story submitted by Barkha Gupta Ray

Edited by Meghaa Gupta, Master Teacher in Angels, Unicorns, Dragons, Transform Your Life, Golden Atlantis