Hello from Heaven

A series of heartwarming stories of miracles and divine intervention, by Meghaa Gupta 

Magical Messages from the to be born Kittens

Nature is my temple. As a child, my fondest memories have been those I had spent out in nature, amongst trees, with animals and birds. I have found that it can speak to me too. Through birds and animals, I have been receiving messages that I could not explain to other people earlier. Along with intuition, I feel instinct has played a great part in navigating through life smoothly. Sometimes I could understand what message nature has for me by observing and listening to the birds. It is rather odd to think what can the position of birds, or their song can say which a human can understand, but even though I cannot explain logically, it had been my guide all along.

Connecting with to be born Kittens…

Lately, I had been meditating on my balcony garden where I got a good view of the trees. With the view, I had been getting surprise visits by lots of birds, squirrels, butterflies, and a cat had been coming in too. They would not mind me coming so close to them. It seems as though they had been finding comfort and peace around here.

One of those days in my meditation, I saw two tiny little kittens playing around and touching my feet with their little paws. In my vision, I saw these adorable ones having white fur with patches of honey blond colour on them, and their beautiful blue eyes melted my heart. They looked so happy and carefree as they played with each other. Intuitively I asked them if they had a message for me and while they continued to play, they responded quickly “Trust life just like we do. We have come to life into this unknown world with the faith that the one who created us will take good care of us. And while we are here in this life, we are at play. God loves fun when you enjoy life; you honour His Creation.”

God wants us to enjoy His Creation

When I opened my eyes, I was amazed at the wisdom these two little kittens just gave me. What they meant was for me to see that I am well taken care of by my Creator and that my future is promised, I need not be too serious and worried as I go on with my life.

It did make a lot of sense. I had been overworking thinking what if tomorrow doesn’t come, then let me finish the work right now, and as much as I can. I had been ignoring my health and time for rest. I learned from this experience that I could have been abundance conscious in time too and even though I enjoyed my work, I was not allowing myself the joy that comes in the form of pause and playtime.

It is indeed an act of faith, knowing that there is plenty for the future and not overindulge in anything, not even work. I took deep breaths and for the next couple of days cancelled all excess and unimportant work. I noticed that I took up more work to avoid the real work that is fixing this ‘lack of trust’ in my life. I am now living in the present moment, savouring the moments of gap and stillness in the gap.

The most magical part of it all….

The next day, I was informed that the cat which used to come around my space had given birth to two kittens somewhere at night in our garage. After a week, I went down with some food to meet the newborns for the first time, and there they were. Two little playful furballs, exactly as I had seen in my meditation. Their brilliant blue eyes and soft white fur with honey blond patches on them, exactly from my vision. Wow! That meant that I could connect with these kittens even before they were born? The pregnant mother cat used to come and sit around when I used to meditate. Maybe she needed the healing love and found my spot comforting and allowed me to connect with her to be born babies. I thanked the mother cat for supporting me in this communication. I cannot describe this overwhelming love I had been feeling since.


Nature speaks if only one stops to listen

I have been noticing for years now that with every full moon or new moon I can see a different bird around my balcony or on the tree outside my house. Some I had never seen before, some familiar. I started noting this in my journal and would write intuitively what it has to say to me. I would then go back to the journal a few weeks from then and evaluate how much of my intuitive messages can true. To my surprise, most of them did almost exactly as I had written. Nature does speak if only one stops to listen.

God’s design…

I have learned so much from the various animals, birds, and insects in the last few months. I feel richer in experiences and more in alignment with my path. The Creator and his creation never cease to surprise. Designed with such intricate details, all that we see and have around us and all that is unseen are perfectly placed by him in the perfect order. I find myself looking up often and smiling in gratitude as I think to myself, “what a wonderful world He has created for us, and what a wonderful life. And that He thought I am worthy of enjoying His precious creation.” I am truly humbled and can’t think of words to thank Him.

Your Animal Guide 

My animal guide is an exotic bird, and it often reminds me to have the courage to be different and embrace my own uniqueness. What does your Animal Guide have to say to you? 

Love & Blessings,

Meghaa Gupta,

Master Teacher – Animal World, Angels, Dragons, Unicorns, Golden Atlantis, Transform Your Life