Hello From Heaven

A series of heartwarming stories of miracles and divine intervention, edited by Meghaa Gupta 

(This month’s story submitted by Deirdre)


Purple Feather

One day I asked my Angel to show me a purple feather. Later that day I was in a queue at the gym & I looked down at my feet & what was resting in one of my shoes? A beautiful purple feather, thank you Angels

Angel Sanctuary

While going through the last years of my marriage, on one grey, dull & wet Sunday, after an extremely upsetting row at home, I just left my home sobbing & got into my car, set off to nowhere in particular & asked my Angels to please take me somewhere.

After about 2 hours it started to pour heavily whereby it was impossible to see the road so I pulled up to a large iron gate at the entrance to what I thought was a house but because of the rain, all I could see was the gate. When the rain stopped I realized I was parked at an Angel Sanctuary!


At first, I was embarrassed because I’d been crying a lot & I thought I looked awful. But I thanked my Angels for bringing me here. The Sanctuary was like Heaven inside, it was full of magnificent paintings of Angels with chairs facing them so you could meditate there & beautiful music. I chose the ‘Guardian Angel’ painting & as soon as I sat down I just burst into tears & sat there sobbing, there was nobody else at the Sanctuary.


After a few minutes, the partner of the artist came over to me, saw the state I was in & very gently said “shall I put the kettle on so?” I was invited to meet the artist Lorrie Coffey & come into their home for tea, fruitcake & a great deal of tender loving care. I had never heard of the Sanctuary before this. I spent a fabulous afternoon getting to know them & their story plus I got the opportunity to talk about what had brought me there – I will never forget that afternoon so once again I said thank you, angels, for bringing me somewhere very special.

– Deirdre 


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