Angel Orb from Golden Atlantis

& How to Attune to it

By Meghaa Gupta


It always feels very special when angel orbs show up in your picture, isn’t it? This orb for me is so much more than that. When angel orbs come in your picture it means that they wanted you to see them as they work on you. Sometimes to open you up to faith and believing that something important is shifting for you now.

In this orb the Golden Atlantian angels of healing and sound were with me, attuning me to what I understand is my gifts of singing and sound from Atlantis. The angels asked me to share it with as many people as I can over years and helped them tune in to this orbs precious energies.


How the Orb reawakened my gifts of singing and music…

It was in 2016, at my Golden Atlantis teacher training I invoked to the angels and was preparing myself to lead a healing meditation with Angels of Atlantis when a sweet friend happened to capture this in my picture that can on my throat and heart.

At that training, I felt my throat and heart chakras were being prepared for something special. My voice turned husky and deeper and I could sing much better than I usually could. I was able to create music that love but I never had the courage to try before. And all this so effortlessly, like I know it already. I hadn’t learned singing or music, and I can’t say I am very good at it but started using my voice to heal- others and myself alike.

Message from the Orb for all…

The Orb appeared to tell and to remind others that through singing, humming, chanting, or simply tuning in to the music of life, one can heal at a soul level.

I have been revising this orb again and again and it helps me attune to my Golden Atlantian gifts of – music, healing, and empathy.

Steps to attune yourself to the Golden Atlantian Orb

If you like you can attune to your gifts from the Golden age of Atlantis by working with this orb.

  1. Create a quiet, peaceful space to meditate and light a candle. You may like to play soft meditation music in the background
  2. Sitting relaxed, Ground yourself to the golden core of Mother Earth and Attune to the pure white light of Source
  3. Invoke for Archangel Michael’s deep blue protective bubble and the golden light of Christ to enfold you
  4. Invoke to the Angels of Golden Atlantis and the High Priests and Priestesses to please bless you
  5. Look at this orb picture for a few moments and let your gaze soften, when you are ready close your eyes and with your heart request to the Angels for permission to enter the orb
  6. Let yourself be drawn into the center of the orb and meditate for a while
  7. Communicate to the Angels and place your request to them (example, to help you reawaken your gifts from Golden Atlantis, Healing for your body or Karmic Healing, etc)
  8. Let them now guide and assist you with whatever your soul is ready to receive. (give at least 10-15 mins)
  9. After few minutes gently thank the Angels and slowly return back from the orb to your room with them.
  10. Create your roots once again and reaffirm that you are deeply rooted and connected to Mother Earth. Become aware of the shields of protection and gently stretch.
  11. Note your experience in your journal. Notice what has shifted and changed for you.


By Meghaa Gupta , Master Teacher– Golden Atlantis, Angels, Unicorns, Dragons, Lemurian Planetary Healing, Transform Your Life, Animal World

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