card readings by Surabhi Kalsi

Magic of Unicorns deck by Diana Cooper

Diana Cooper School of White Light is celebrating Unicorn Day on the 23 rd October. 

This month, reflect and identify your goals that move you forward towards your vision. Bring about positive change through conscious actions. 


Find a quiet space. Light a candle. You can hold on to a crystal unicorn or simply a crystal you have. Close your eyes and visualise the shimmering white light of the Unicorns around your physical and energetic body. Call upon your Unicorn Guide

Dear Unicorn of Mine

Please guide me and assist me in identifying my goals for my highest good. What needs to change? Where should I focus my energy? May I be aligned with my higher self and inner knowing as I go about this exercise. 

Thank you.

Now, open your eyes and make a list of your goals. Goals are a more defined form of measurable action steps that take you towards your vision. 

Goals are actionable. They are tangible and they help you  bring your vision to life.

Look at different areas of your life – work, personal life, soul purpose, social life, spiritual connection, health, fun, prosperity etc. And set your sights high! Don’t worry about it being perfect. Just put it all down. 

You can repeat this exercise during the week.


Affirmation for the week

“I can have anything I want. It’s easy for me to be in the flow of my life and receive my good!”

Use this affirmation in the coming week – write it, chant it, read it throughout the day – it’s your mantra. 



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