A Journey with Goddess Hecate to Release Past Baggage



 Seat yourself comfortably with your spine erect and feet firmly on the ground. Close your eyes and breathe in gently but deeply. Exhale. Take another deep breath and exhale. Breathe in again and gently breathe out.

Bring your attention to your feet. Imagine thick, golden roots emerging from the soles of your feet and going deep into the ground below you. They grow deeper and deeper until they reach the crystal ball at the centre of the earth. Lady Gaia holds your roots close to her and wraps them around the great crystal ball. You draw energy from this crystal ball, up through your golden roots, up through the soles of your feet, and into your physical body, allowing it to rest at the centre of your heart.

Now focus your attention from the top of your head, high up into the sky, to the golden ball of brilliant light from Source. Draw the energies of this great ball of Source light, down to your stellar gateway chakra and further down through your soul star and your crown chakra into your physical body, allowing it also to rest in your heart space.

As the two energies of mother earth and father sky merge at your heart centre, they begin to expand and fill your entire body, grounding and attuning your entire being. You now call for Archangel Michael to protect and shield you with his blue cloak and light. Now call upon Archangel Zadkiel to protect you with his magenta violet light. Call upon the Gold and White Light of Christ Consciousness to surround you for your total protection. And so it is.


Imagine yourself seated in a movie theatre with the big black screen in front of you. You invite the angels and archangels of the full moon spirit, the elementals, fairies, gnomes, Gods and Goddesses, Ascended Masters, dragons, unicorns, your spirit animal guide, and your personal guardian angel to this theatre to embark on a journey with you to the moon. The big black screen in front of you begins to sparkle and shine. You know that you are safe in the company of all the beings from the higher realms that are present with you right here and in the now.

You see a beautiful brown and white Cheshire cat in front of the screen beckoning you. You get up and go towards her. She leads you closer to the screen and onto the other side of the big, sparkly darkness. Stepping onto the other side, you see the Moon Goddess, Hecate, standing there to welcome you. She smiles and you are quickly comforted by the kind look in her eyes. She holds your hand and envelopes you in her cloak with her arm around your shoulder. The two of you walk through the starlit darkness of the sky. You see that you are moving towards a big ball of brilliant yet soothing white light. It is the moon. You feel mesmerised and drawn towards this heavenly body of light. Your whole body feels a surge, like a wave, that gently pushes you towards the moon. Goddess Hecate holds you steady and gently encourages you to continue walking with her. You reach the moon and step into this grand ball of celestial light. You feel the energies inside this celestial globe soothing and calming your nerves.


There is a rug in there, and you sit on it. You may even choose to lie down, to better bask in this celestial light of the moon. Goddess Hecate is right there with you. She helps you absorb the moon’s light into yourself. The light gently infuses itself into your body, through your veins and arteries, easing out the flow of life through your bloodstream. It infuses itself into your bones and strengthens your skeletal frame and the muscles around it. The light penetrates through your organs and infuses new life into them. You feel the rejuvenation through all your tissues and joints and your entire body. Your nerves are calming down, the concerns in your mind are melting away, and your whole body goes into a state of deep relaxation. The moon energies are now aligning your twelve chakras and raising your vibrational frequencies to the higher level of the 5th dimension. Allow yourself to bask in this glorious healing and energising light of the moon. (Pause for a few moments.)

When you are fully saturated and filled with the moon energies, Goddess Hecate gives you a tablet that looks like a small sheet of paper. On this tablet are the top five things that the Moon Goddess would like you to let go of right away. These are the energies and patterns that do not serve you anymore and it would be best for your soul journey not to  hold on to them any longer. The moon energies and Goddess Hecate understand your human limitations and are therefore helping you to release all that is not for your highest good. You hold the tablet close to your heart and find that indeed you now have newfound strength to let go of these things, people, issues, emotions and situations from your life on earth. Filled with such potent belief and renewed zest for life, you thank the moon and Goddess Hecate for their guidance and help. The Moon Goddess blesses you, placing her hand on your head, lifts you up to your feet and kisses your forehead, telling you that it is time to return to planet earth and continue on your mission there. You hug her in gratitude, feeling her heart pulsating so close to your own.

She holds you ever so lovingly in her embrace and then the two of you walk back out of the moon globe, bidding it farewell with immense thankfulness for giving you its love and light. With her arm still around your shoulder, Goddess Hecate walks you back through the dark, starlit sky to the screen in the theatre room.

 Your heavenly team of higher beings is awaiting you and they welcome you back. As you step back into the theatre from the other side, the angels, fairies, elementals and gnomes all dance around you congratulating you on taking the brave step of releasing the top five things that you need to get rid of immediately from your life. The dragons promise to help you clear all the lower energies with their fire, everything that does not serve you. The unicorns too, nudging you with their heavenly horns, pledge their support  to maintain your higher vibrational energies. Your guardian angel also assures you of his/her assistance in clearing the top five items on the tablet given to you by the Moon Goddess. With all the loving Angels and Ascended Masters and Gods and Goddesses watching over you, you now seat yourself back in your place in the theatre. Heaving a big sigh of relief, and holding the tablet sheet close to your heart, you breathe into your physical body.  Becoming aware of your breath, you wriggle your toes and fingers, stretch your body and feel its physical existence on the ground you are seated on. Become aware of the sounds around you, the fragrance of your room and all of your surroundings. Take a long, lungful breath and then gently come back to your earthly room. Take your time, and, as and when you feel ready, you may open your eyes.

On opening your eyes, write down the first five things written on the tablet given to you by the Moon Goddess and Goddess Hecate. Go with your gut feeling and write the first five things that intuitively come into your awareness. Remember that you are guided to release these things, beginning with this Full Moon Meditation. Bless and thank the things, people, emotions, incidents, issues, and situations for their role in your life until now. Then with great love and reverence burn that paper and see it all go away.

 Created by Juthika Dcruz, India