Full Moon Meditation – October 10th 2022

A Journey with Fire, Air, Water and Earth Dragons to Release Old Karmic Patterns and Emotional Blockages

  1. Find a quiet comfortable space.
  2. Sit straight and uncross your legs and arms.
  3. Close your eyes. Relax and take a deep breath.
  4. As you inhale, inhale pure white light and exhale any energies that are not serving you for your highest good.
  5. Let go of all your doubts, fears, anxiety or insecurities about the future. Calm your mind and be aware of what’s happening.
  6. Now as your mind and physical body is calm and relaxed, ground yourself by visualising golden roots growing from the soles of your feet going deep down into Mother Earth. As your roots travel down deeper and deeper through layers of stones, rocks, water, and crystals till they reach the heart of Mother Earth. Wrap her golden roots around the mother crystal grounding you completely.
  7. Let’s invoke the Earth dragons to heal your roots along with the golden light of Mother Earth. All your roots are getting stronger and thicker… Let the earth dragons now balance and heal your Earth Star Chakra completely.
  8. Now carry this pure golden light upwards and anchor it at your Heart Chakra.
  9. Attune your energy to the highest frequency of pure white light from the source and allow it to enter your Crown Chakra and flow straight to your Heart Chakra.
  10. Let the white pure light and the golden lights integrate into pure unconditional love and compassion until you feel so deeply connected to this loving energy. Soon your heart expands and the pure loving energy starts flowing into your four-body system – your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies entirely… You now radiating into pure love and compassion from within and your aura is brighter than ever it can be.
  11. Request Archangel Michael along with his blue dragons to place his deep blue cloak of protection around you. Be aware and sense or feel the energy around you. You are fully protected and shielded and you are now safe. Thank Archangel Michael and his blue dragons.
  12. You may also request your Guardian Angel, Guides, Ascended Masters, Unicorns, Archangels, and Dragons to be with you tonight.
  13. Now visualise your Guardian Angel and personal Guardian Dragon being with you and you can sense their energies around you.
  14. Your Guardian Dragon is here to take you on an extraordinary journey into the cosmic portal of the Dragons. Along with your guardian angels you are flying with your dragon into the stars, gliding into the clouds, and entering into the most mesmerising island. The island is covered with beautiful trees and flowers.
  15. As your reach this island, your Guardian Dragon and Angel are walking with you into this forest, You can smell the most enchanting flower fragrances… You see lush green fields around… As you feel the fresh air under the shimming silver light of the Full moon your guardian angels ask if you are ready to meet the fire dragon, air, water and earth dragon to release your old karmic pattern and emotional blockages. You agreed to this agreement and they are delighted.
  16. Now you along with your Angels invoke the Fire Dragon first to heal all your chakras and burn away all your karmic patterns from each chakra.
  17. As the Fire Dragon appears gently and lovingly, he takes you to sit on this crystal bench. You sat comfortably closing your eyes. Now the fire dragon blows the flame over your crown chakra to root chakra releasing old karmic patterns from each chakra for your highest good… ( pause for 5 mins)
  18. Appreciate and thank the fire dragon for healing.
  19. Now you will invoke Air dragons to appear and request to clear all old unwanted thoughts and past limited beliefs for your highest good.
  20. As Air Dragon appears, gently and lovingly he blows the air over your crown chakra and third eye chakra to clear all your past old limiting beliefs, fear, doubts, and thoughts for your highest good.. ( pause for 5 mins)
  21. Appreciate and thank the Air Dragons for healing.
  22. Now invoke the Water Dragons and request to clear old emotional blockages for your highest good.
  23. As the water dragon appears, very calmly, gently, and lovingly connects with his cosmic heart with yours, you feel a strong vibration around your heart chakra and visualise old toxic emotions like anger, sadness, guilt, jealousy, resentment, hatred are releasing from your heart chakra replacing with higher frequencies of love, peace, harmony and compassion ( pause for 5 mins)
  24. Appreciate and thank the water dragons for healing.
  25. Now you invoke earth dragons to ground your energies with Mother Earth.
  26. As Earth Dragons appear, he gently heals your roots and helps you to ground your roots completely with Mother Earth. ( pause … )
  27. You feel centred, balanced, safe, secure, and protected. All the Dragons disappear into the starry night sky and as you look up at the Moon, Moon Goddess is showering you with blessings.
  28. Now your Guardian Angel and Dragon are ready to take you back and Thank all the Fire, Air, Water, and Earth Dragons for such wonderful deep healing for your highest good. Thank your personal Guardian Dragon and Angel for such a beautiful cosmic journey ( take a 1 min)
  29. Bring your Awareness back to your space. Take a few slow deep breaths…
  30. Allow Archangel Michael along with his blue dragon wraps you with his blue cloak protection to contain these high frequencies to absorb into your body.
  31. Move your fingers, toes and shoulders and neck. Gently open your eyes with a big bright smile.
  32. Journal your experience and Can you feel the energy shift?

Created By Sophia Ngangbam, Dragons and Unicorns Teacher