Energise and recharge your body in the light of the Full Moon

(Beaver Moon)

A visit to bathe in the beautiful shimmering, shining, and radiating energies of the Full Moon, an opportunity to release emotions and worries into the waves and sand.


  1. If you can please light a candle.
  2. Sit on a chair with your feet on the ground.
  3. Take three deep breaths – In and out. Letting go of everything. On the next breath visualise your beautiful gold and silver roots moving from your earth star chakra, 30cm below your feet, down – down – to the centre the earth – Lady Gaia.
  4. You see the most beautiful Obsidian Crystal – sparkling. You wrap your rootsfirmly around this pulsing crystal energy, and draw it up through your earth star chakra up, up into your feet – knees – base – sacral – navel – solar plexus chakras, and hold it in your heart chakra.
  5. Focussing about 30 cm above your head to your stellar gateway, draw thisbeautiful light, Source energy into your soul star – casual -crown – thirdeye – throat, and heart chakras.A meeting in your heart chakra of Mother/Father God, and Earth Mother Lady  Gaia.
  6. Focusing on the beautiful thirty-three petal lotus flower of your heart chakra, open your petals as much as is appropriate for you. As you open your heart and connect to the  Cosmic heart of the Universe – You are connecting the planet and the heart of the Universe.
  7. Breathe this energy down through all your chakras to your earth star and feel, or see, this energy spiralling upwards In a clockwise direction.  Up,  up  into your stellar gateway. You are connected to the beautiful energy from Mother/Father God and Lady Gaia.  Bring this energy down through all your now energised chakras.  Youare feeling totally grounded.
  8. Call upon Archangel Michael to step forward for protection. He places his beautiful blue cloak of protection over your shoulders, zip it up under your chin and place the hood over your crown and third eye chakras.
  9. Invoke All the Angels, Archangels, Guardian Angels, Masters and Ascended Masters, and Unicorns and ask them to form a beautiful gold circle of light around you and the property, holding you in the 7th dimension.
  10. Invoke a pyramid of light forming a beautiful octahedron around you – Only that which is for your greatest good will be allowed into this sacred space. You are Divinely protected, guided and absolutely grounded – So be it – It is done.….
  11. Look up and see the beautiful full moon – shining in the sky – You can see darker patches and then this LIGHT that is so very white that it is reflective.
  12. Look down and see the total reflection of the full moon shimmering, shining andradiating onto the calm sea. You can see the horizon which goes from dark blue to alight blue nearer to the full moon. There are stars shining and twinkling which are only just visible over the moon as it is so very bright.
  13. Become aware that you can hear waves gently breaking onto the beach below you. You can see the steps lit by the light of the moon, you walk toward them slowly, and step down onto the beach. The sand feels so soft, your feet gently move on it. It is very relaxing and calming to your senses.
  14. Look straight ahead and there she is in all her glory. This big, beautiful shining round light of the moon.  You feel as though you could touch her, she feels so close, her energy is joyful, loving and you feel like you have been given a big hug.
  15. You sit down and gently let the sand fall from your hands. You wiggle your feet in the sand. Time passes and you become totally attuned to the rhythm of the waves washing onto the beach. Your breath has slowed down and you are feelingtotally at one with the sea, the  moon, and the sand.
  16. Any emotions, worries, hurts, anger, or unshed tears seem to have magically disappeared in the waves, or been absorbed by the sand.
  17. You realize that you have this feeling of absolute Joy and Laughter which is rising from deep within your body.  Standing up, you feel a Laugh coming from your heart, you release it.
  18. Feeling like a child you do a few skips and a big jump until you reach the wet sand which is at first a little cold to the touch, you continue walking until your feet feel the water, which is surprisingly warm to the touch. You open your arms wide and raise them up towards the moon. You have your feet in the sea water, and the sand at the bottom of your feet.
  19. This bright white full moon energy is filling you up from the tips of your fingers down to your toes. This shimming magical light energy is filling every cell of your body. You stand there soaking up this light energy until you feel totally recharged, lighter and energised.
  20. Give thanks and lower your arms down to your sides. You feel like you are buzzing. You turn and start to make your way back to the steps. You turn back and for the last time embrace this beautiful sight, the huge full moon reflecting on the ocean, and the waves softly breaking on the beach.
  21. You give grateful thanks for this experience and make your way up to the top of the steps. Here you find that time has passed, the moon has risen higher in the sky and you feel that you could touch and disappear into her. You realise how truly blessed you are on this special night of the full moon.
  22. You take three deep breaths, in and out.Slowly you feel the energy changing in your body as you come back into your present space.

When you are ready and in your own time, slowly open your eyes.

You are once again in the present.