Full Moon Meditation- May 26th, 2021

A Journey to Bathe in Diamond Starlight and Moonlight and to Contribute to Mother Gaia

This diamond starlight on the full moon night helps to raise our vibration by cleansing our chakras to vibrate in higher consciousness.

Also, we do service work for Mother Earth by sending her this light to raise her vibrations.

Find a comfortable place to sit and not be disturbed by external noises.

  • Close your eyes.
  • Take a deep breath in, filling your lungs, and exhale gently. (pause…)
  • Take another deep breath in, filling your stomach fully with your breath, and exhale very gently. (pause…)
  • Now take another deep breath in and gently exhale and sense calmness filling your body. (pause…)
  • As the calmness flows in, you can sense your body is relaxing. Sense the relaxation flowing from your toes, into your ankles, (pause….) filling your legs, (pause….) filling your entire body.
  • Visualise golden roots growing from your feet, travelling down into the Earth… spreading wide, travelling deeper and deeper, spreading into the Earth.
  • They reach the glowing central crystal down in the Earth, wrapping around it and carrying the golden healing light of Mother Earth, which is rising towards your feet.
  • The light travels upwards, filling your Earth Star Chakra, flowing upward into every chakra, (pause….) filling your Heart Chakra and flowing above, filling all your upper chakras one by one, (pause….) reaching your Stellar Gateway Chakra and connecting to merge with your higher self. (pause….)
  • Now divine white light from above flows towards you, filling your Stellar Gateway Chakra and flowing into all your upper chakras, filling them, flowing into your heart (pause….) and flowing down, filling all the lower chakras. This white light travels into your Earth Star Chakra and into the Earth.
  • From your Heart Chakra, Mother Earth’s golden healing light and divine white light start spreading into your body, filling every part of your body, spreading into your aura, flowing into and filling all your bodies.
  • This golden white light creates a ball of light around you that protects you.
  • Invoke Archangel Chamuel’s love. It surrounds the ball of golden white light and protects you, allowing only higher vibrational love around you.
  • Invoke Archangel Michael to place a blue cloak of protective light around these lights. Ask for it to be with you during this journey.
  • Be aware of your deep breath…. breathing in and out deeply.
  • Call upon your Guardian Angel to be with you and guide you throughout this journey.
  • In your mind’s eye, visualise that you are walking out and coming to a place where there are tall trees around. Your Guardian Angel is accompanying you.
  • Together you are walking through the trees. A beautiful beam of moonlight is flowing in between the trees and lighting your path.
  • You feel very comfortable and protected walking with your Guardian Angel.
  • Now both you and your Guardian Angel reach a lake.
  • You and your Guardian Angel are sitting on the grass near the water.
  • You feel like lying down, and your Guardian Angel is helping you lie down comfortably. Your Guardian Angel is sitting next to you, watching over you.
  • Looking at the sky above, you can see stars twinkling like diamonds scattered all over the sky. The sky looks like a deep blue, velvet blanket and the stars are like diamond studs on the velvet blanket.
  • Your Guardian Angel asks you to just watch the magic. He raises a silver wand and waves it towards the sky.
  • A star from the sky is swaying and coming towards you. It sits on your Heart Chakra. You can see the glow of diamond light on your Heart Chakra.
  • Again, magic happens. Another star is coming down and sits on your Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • One by one, glittering diamond stars are coming down and sitting on each of your chakras.
  • A few of the glittering, twinkling diamond stars are gliding and settling around you.
  • You can see many stars have come down and filled the space all over the ground around you.
  • Now your Guardian Angel is touching the star at your Heart Chakra with the silver wand. Its diamond light starts flowing and connecting all the stars on you and around you.
  • All the stars that came down are activated, and shimmering diamond light shines all around. In the full moon’s milky white light, the whole space looks stunning with the shimmering diamond light.
  • Every chakra of your body is glowing with this diamond starlight bathed in the moonlight. You feel your chakras are cleansed and start vibrating in higher consciousness. You feel light and at the same time vibrant.
  • Now your Guardian Angel asks, where do you want to direct the divine diamond light of the other stars bathing in the moonlight around you?
  • You say that your intention is to send the diamond starlight to Mother Gaia, to allow this light to flow into the ley lines so that those who are ready on the Earth receive Mother Earth’s Ascension energy.
  • You are mentally asking Mother Gaia to accept receiving this diamond light of glittering stars. She happily welcomes this splendid shimmering diamond starlight, and it starts flowing into the Earth. Every layer of the Earth is filling with this diamond starlight.
  • The ley lines are filled with diamond starlight running smoothly to light up wherever it flows, lighting up whoever is ready on the path.
  • The glow of diamond starlight spreads fully into the Earth.
  • This glowing light in you, around you and in Mother Earth has created a magical energy, and the whole atmosphere is lit up with this diamond starlight bathing in the moonlight.
  • Mother Gaia, Archangel Haniel and the Moon Goddesses are happy and blessing you. They say that you can connect to them and this diamond starlight whenever you want to energise yourself and any intended places.
  • Now your Guardian Angel says, let the diamond starlight complete its divine mission. It’s time for you both to leave this place and go back.
  • With the magical silver wand, your Guardian Angel is sending back the stars to their places. Your chakras are protected with a touch of the wand.
  • In your mind’s eye, you are getting up, walking away from the place near the lake where you were lying down.
  • You walk back with your Guardian Angel through the trees and reach the place where you started.
  • As you walk, you can sense you are grounded strongly, connected to Mother Earth.
  • Your Guardian Angel touches your aura, making it comfortable, and protects it with shimmering silver light.
  • Ask Archangel Michael to protect your bodies with a blue cloak of light.
  • You are fully back at your starting point. You feel peaceful and happy over the pleasant journey and your service work.
  • Open your eyes when you feel you are fully back.
  • Take a stretch.
  • Have a glass of water or a warm drink.

Thank you for joining this journey. Namaste