Full Moon Meditation for September 29th 2023 -Harvest Moon

September’s Full Moon reaches its peak on the 29th. This full moon is at the nearest point to the earth this year, and the nearest full moon to the Fall Equinox. It rises at nearly the same time around sunset for several evenings in a row, giving farmers the extra evenings of moonlight to finish their harvest before the frosts of fall arrive. In this special meditation we remember and celebrate the wonderful harvest in our daily lives with Lady Gaia.

– Sit of lie down in a comfortable position, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

– Breathing in deeply and breathing out deeply. As you breathe in allow your stomach to expand, and as you breathe out allow yourself to relax, releasing all thought and tension from your mind.

– Bring your awareness to your feet. Visualise thick golden roots growing from your feet.

Push these roots deep into the ground, going deeper and deeper, descending hundreds of kilometres deeper until they reach the centre of Mother Earth.

– See these roots wrap themselves tightly around a beautiful crystal heart. This is the heart of Lady Gaia. Take a deep breath and feel the love and blessings of Lady Gaia flowing gently up through the roots, up into your feet and up into your body, connecting you with the unconditional love of lady Gaia.

– Visualise a Divine white golden light shining down on you. See the brilliant light entering through your crown chakra, into your body, lighting up every cell and system. Your physical body and aura are now attuned to the highest vibration of the Divine

– Invoke Archangel Michael to protect you, Sense him place a deep blue cloak of protection over your shoulders, and pull the hood over your head. Only the highest and purest energies may enter your space. All lower energies are repelled away from you.

– This is a time for you to relax, and to connect with Lady Gaia and Mother Nature’s energies, to harvest your abundance and express your gratitude.

– Visualise yourself standing in a lush, bountiful field in a magical forest. The Harvest Full Moon is shining brightly overhead, illuminating the trees and the surrounding areas with its soft glowing light. You can feel the energy of the moon pulsing through your body, filling you with light and awe.

– As you look around you see that you are not alone. You see many tiny wings sparkling in the moonlight. Fairies are dancing and playing. You hear their joy and laughter. Allow yourself to connect with their energies and feel their playfulness and joy.

– You hear the sound of hooves approaching. You look towards the sound and see a magnificent white unicorn approaching you. The Unicorn invites you to climb onto its back, as you ride the Unicorn through the forest feel it is powerful energy and grace.

– You reach an abundant green clearing, and see a Divine feminine figure in front of you. She is radiating a warm and nurturing green vibration. This is Lady Gaia, the embodiment of Earth’s energy and wisdom. She welcomes you with a warm smile and extends her hands towards you, placing them gently on your shoulders.

– Feel a deep connection with Mother Earth and all of her creations. Lady Gaia blesses you with her deep wisdom.

– “May the energies of Earth sustain you. May the cycles of nature provide guidance to you, and the abundance of the land nourish your soul and bless you with healing”.

– A warm soothing silvery green light flows over your body and your aura. Allow yourself to take in the blessings of Lady Gaia.

– Take a few deep breaths now, and think about the wonderful things that you have harvested in your life since the start of the year. Visualise each one of them as a golden orb of light, like a golden ripe fruit on a tree.

– With each breath, pluck one of these golden orbs of gratitude and hold it in your hands. Feel the warmth and love emanating from the orb.

– Take a moment now to express your gratitude for each of the golden orbs. You may say it out loud or silently in your heart.

– As you do so, release each of the golden orbs into the moonlit sky and visualise it merging with the moon’s energy. See your blessings magnified and reflected back to you with the moon’s glow.

– Feel the harmony between you, Mother Earth and the Universe.

– When you are done, Lady Gaia has a special message for you. Allow yourself to take in the deep wisdom of Lady Gaia.

– Pause ………………

– It is now time to return with the blessings and abundance from Mother Earth. Lady Gaia invites you to be back any time you wish.

– You bid farewell to Lady Gaia, and your Unicorn takes you back to the edge of the magical forest. You bid farewell to the Fairies and your Unicorn.

– Take a few deep breaths and gently bring your awareness back to the physical surrounding where you started. Become aware of the deep-rooted connection of your feet with Mother Earth again.

– Feeling your fingers and toes, give yourself a light stretch. Feel the sense of abundance and gratitude within you.

– When you are ready, gently open your eyes with a wide smile.

– Namaste