Full Moon Meditation for October 28th 2023.

Walk On the Path of Your Soul.

Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Take a deep breath.

Connect with the heart of mother earth. Golden roots are flowing from the soles of your feet deep into the centre of mother earth, so that you are well grounded.

Call Archangel Zadkiel and ask him to cleanse your chakras and energy fields with his Gold and Silver Diamond Flame, to transform all energies which are

not serving you in love and light. Thank Archangel Zadkiel.

Connect with the Source of Light and bring down white golden light through your chakras, deep down into the very centre of mother earth, so that

mother earth is also illuminated. With every exhale your aura is expanding more and more, and filled with the white golden light.

Call in the golden Christ Light for your complete protection.

Place golden equilateral crosses of light around you. One on your left side,

one on your right, one below you, one above you, and one in the centre of

your body.

Archangel Michael is placing his blue cloak of protection around you.

Accompanied by your guardian angel you find yourself on a sandy path in

a beautiful natural setting surrounded by palm trees. The sun is shining.

The temperature is pleasant and a light breeze is blowing.

A colourful butterfly flies past you. As you walk along the path you are

seeing colourful parrots in the trees. A monkey is crossing the path and

swings up into a tree where other monkeys are happily playing with

each other.

The path turns a corner and goes up a hill. From a distance you can see a temple that glitters in the sun in a deep blue sky. You move towards the

temple, from the entrance you look down into the valley and see a beautiful palm tree.

You knock at the door of the temple and are welcomed by Archangel

Zadkiel. He guides you into a room, the walls are full of amethyst crystals.

In the middle of the room there is a couch surrounded by amethyst crystals.

He invites you to lie down comfortably there. He tells you he will now take

you on a journey back in time to the origin of your soul.

You find yourself in a room with your spirit guides. You discuss your soul plan.

You find out your soul determination, and that you will be fulfilled by living it.


You may not become aware of it right away, you may get an answer sometime later.

Slowly, your consciousness comes back into the room, and Archangel Zadkiel helps you get up. He accompanies you to another room.

Archangel Chamuel welcomes you here. The walls are full of rose quartz, and

in the middle of the room is a couch surrounded by rose quartz. Archangel Chamuel is inviting you to lie down here. Your whole body is flooded with love and with every exhale your heart expands filling more and more with love.


Full of gratitude and bliss, you get up, and Archangel Chamuel accompanies

you to another room.

Archangel Raphael welcomes you warmly. He invites you to take a seat in an armchair. Your entire body and your aura is flooded with a wave of healing energy.

Slowly opening your eyes you see standing before you a Master from the.

Plieades. He invites you to send from your heart a beam of pure love into

the heart of the Plieades, and you receive a blue beam of light with the

keys and codes of healing from the Plieades.

The Master says “If you wish, you can raise your hands now, and bring these healing energies down through your whole body and aura, to bring the keys

and codes of healing into every cell of your body, and to allow your healing

abilities of awaken”.


You are very grateful and thankful to the Master of the Plieades and

Archangel Raphael, and you say farewell.

The time has come to leave this room and enter into another. You are

warmly welcomed by Archangel Michael, who gives you the strength to

walk the path of your own Truth and your Soul Destiny. You thank Archangel Michael gratefully and leave the room.

You come into the beautiful garden of roses which is surrounding the temple.

You are surrounded by the Archangels who accompanied you into the temple

and they tell you –

“Live your truth and walk on the path of your soul determination with love,

light and dignity”.

You thank all those who have been with you, and together with your guardian angel you come back into your room, where this journey started.

Ground yourself and open your eyes.