Full Moon Meditation for March 7th 2023. Worm Moon

Unicorn Healing, meet your younger self

It is a proper time to release old energy on the day of the full moon. Meeting your younger self, (or inner child) can consciously or unconsciously heal the traumas of your childhood. The unicorns will bring powerful healing energy for you in the meditation.

  • Just relax yourself.
  • Please close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  • Flow your awareness and your energy to your feet,
  • Visualise your roots growing from your feet deep down to mother earth.
  • You see a beautiful crystal in the centre of mother earth.

I invoke Archangel Michael to place his royal blue cloak around you you are protected.

  • I invoke our unicorns, dragons, and guardian angels, your spiritual support team to surround you.
  • I will count from 5 to 1. When I count to 1 you will be deeply into the meditation.
  1. Visualise yourself rising from your seat and slowly going outside.
  2. It is cool at night.
  3. It seems that your family and neighbours are asleep.
  4. It is so quiet around you.
  5. The only sound you can hear is the sound of the leaves dancing in the wind.

There is a full moon in the sky.

You may not remember when you last saw a beautiful moon because you may be too busy in your daily life. You walk on the street and time seems frozen. You can only see a little butterfly in front of you. It radiates blue light like a fairy flash. You walk closer to it. Cool! It really is a fairy.

What kind of fairy do you see?

You follow her walking for a while. She turns back and talks to you. “It is a special and important time for you tonight”. You feel confused. She smiles at you. “Don’t you remember you have an appointment tonight?” You can’t remember anything. She wants you to follow her to move forward. There is a light portal on your left side. You step over the shimmering portal. Suddenly, you are at the seaside and the fairy disappears in front of you. You look around you, you can’t see anyone here.

Looking up to the sky you see the full moon. Is it the one you saw earlier? It looks bigger and is indigo. You have never seen this kind of blue moon before. You walk by the sea. A little child is sitting on a big rock.She does not see you until you walk next to her saying “Hi”. She turns towards you. She is crying with tears on her face. You recognise her as your younger self, she does not recognise you. She feels astonished, no one would come here, it is her secret place. She comes here alone everyone time she feels disappointed. You sit down beside her but don’t tell her who you really are. You take a tissue to wipe away the tears on her face. She looks hungry and cold, you place your coat on her shoulders, and give her delicious cookies. She enjoys eating and looks re-energised.

You ask her what happened?
She tells you about her problem.

What story do you hear?

Older now you have the experience and wisdom to know how to advise her. You suggest how she can face her big challenge. She listens carefully and nods her head consciously. You see beautiful crystal light flashing in her eyes. You know she is more courageous and more powerful now.

You say “I invoke your personal unicorns, and the healing unicorns to come”, and they radiate pure white light with unconditional love and healing power.

They circle around you and your younger self. They project pure white light around the heart chakras of you both, shown as an infinity symbol. All traumas and old energy in your childhood are dissolved and released.

If in either of your hearts there is any dark energy, it is now changing into pure white. (Pause).
You let go of any negative experience in the past. (Pause).
You feel relaxed and released. (Pause).
The unicorns smiling at you both say goodbye, then they fly towards
the full moon and disappear into the sky.
You feel very grateful for their healing and nurturing energy.
Your younger self seems asleep, you hug her and bring her home.
You put her on the bed and kiss her cheek to say goodbye.
You believe she will have a sweet dream tonight, and tomorrow
will be a new life chapter for you both.

I will count from 1 to 5. When I count 5, you will be totally awake from the meditation.

  1. With you eyes still closed take a few deep breaths gently.
  2. You are back in the space where you started. Pleas enter your physical body gently and softly.
  3. Flow your awareness and your energy to your feet, and visualise your roots growing from your feet anchored with mother earth.
  4. I invoke Archangel Michael to place his royal blue cloak around you. You are protected.
  5. Move your body slowly and gently. If you are ready, you can open your eyes.