Full Moon Meditation for June 4th 2023.

Strawberry Moon

Sit comfortably and light a candle..

Feel your feet firmly on the ground and see golden roots grow deep into Mother Earth. You are firmly connected to Mother Earth who nourishes you, and gives you everything you need.

Ask Archangel Michael to put his protective blue cloak around you. Now you are completely safe and protected.

Visualise that it is a warm full moon night and you’re standing on a beautiful wide beach by the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy the magic of the night. You hear the soft lapping of the waves and see the huge full moon in front of you.

You know that you have your own moon: it is your causal chakra, which lies above your crown chakra. Get in touch.

At that moment Archangel Christiel steps forward. He radiates the milky-white color of the moon and smiles at you in a friendly way. He asks you if you want to strengthen your connection to the realm of angels and unicorns today?

You answer yes. He holds his hands high above your head and allows the essence of the moonlight to flow into your causal chakra. Beautiful, soft, pale moonlight pours into your causal chakra, making it shine even brighter. It is now in perfect alignment with your other chakras.

You feel the beautiful, feminine qualities of the moon flowing into you: the nourishing, loving, protective, gentle and patient energy of the moon flows into you via your causal chakra and on further into your heart.

You feel completely loved and protected.

Archangel Christiel is telling you that your causal chakra is now open and active.

In a moment the beautiful twin flame of Archangel Christiel joins you, it is Archangel Mallory radiating a deep shade of gold. The Archangels ask you if you would like to travel with them to the kingdom of the unicorns.

They take you by the hand and you fly high, beyond time and space, to the constellation of Lyra. You can see the Lyran Stargate in the form of a glowing crystal cross from afar and you are very excited to soon reach the realm of the unicorns.

Archangels Mallory and Christiel land calmly and safely with you behind the Stargate on a large flower meadow. It is like paradise, you see brightly colored flowers and butterflies.

A beautiful unicorn gallops towards you. It is your unicorn that you have known for many lifetimes. With joy it rains down on you many colorful crystal lights from its horn. . You make contact with him and look into his beautiful eyes. You recognize his wisdom and his love for you.

He asks you if you want to meet the King and Queen of the unicorns. . Archangel Christiel and Mallory accompany you. You walk along a winding path with your unicorn, and in the distance you see a glowing snow-white hill.

There are two giant unicorns. One has a large golden horn, the other a large silver horn. They smile at you.

The Queen of the Unicorns approaches you and asks you if you have a soul wish. Feel into yourself . She touches your heart with her silver horn and Archangel Mallory touches your heart too, reminding you of the ancient wisdom that you carry within you.

If your soul’s desire is not clear to you yet, it will show itself to you in the near future. Otherwise you can be sure that the fulfillment of your soul’s desire has received a boost today.

Archangel Christiel and the King of the Unicorns step forward. Archangel Christiel explains to you that the causal chakra of planet earth is in Tibet and that it opens more and more as more people have opened their own causal chakras. He shows you Tibet and the Himalayas from above. The Himalayas shine in all their beauty.

Archangels Christiel and Mallory, together with the King and Queen of the Unicorns, call in the Gold Ray of Christ and send it to Tibet and the Himalayas. You see It arrive there and deep gratitude fills you. You know that now the causal chakra of the earth is a little more open.

The King and Queen of the unicorns thank you for your visit and you thank them for the grace you were allowed to experience today.

Your unicorn accompanies you back to the Stargate of Lyra. You know that you can always get back in touch with him and that he is always there for you, especially when it comes to fulfilling your soul’s desire.

Archangel Christiel and Mallory accompany you back to your beach, you hear the soft sound of the sea again and you thank them for their guidance today.

Take three deep breaths, take a good stretch and come back to your space, to the here and now in your time. And when you are ready, open your eyes.