Full Moon Meditation for July 3rd 2023 – Buck Moon

This month’s moon shows us that there are Seasons to life just as there are in nature, a time to reflect, create and nurture new ideas, and a time to express your wisdom and expansion of the Self for the highest good of all.

Enjoy the diversity that is offered through this month’s full moon.

– Settle your body into a comfortable place.

– Take three gentle easy breaths and centre yourself.

– Be aware as silver ribbons of energy flow from under the soles of your feet into the centre of Hollow Earth, connecting you with the divine balance of feminine and masculine energy.

– Lady Gaia steps forward to anchor you into the beautiful, pure crystal grid that is embodied in the heart of our planet.

– You know you are welcomed into this higher frequency energy field.

– Pause here a moment, and feel yourself standing in your power.

– The light energy returns upwards activating your Earth Star, and throughout your full Chakra system.

– You are bathed in a column of pure white light that reaches up and out, through your Stellar Gateway, through our earthly moon, stars and sun reaching up into the great central sun, the Source of all that is.

– Feel you mighty I AM presence resonating within, calling your name – This is an emanation from Source beaming the keys and codes, and an expansion of love stepping down into your bodies and fields. Know your auric field is now expanding with the flow of Source light nourishing you on all levels.

– In this state of expansion Invoke the deep blue cloak of Archangel Michael to be placed upon you, surrounding you with complete protection. And So It Is.

– Close your eyes and open yourself to experience the beauty of your inner vision. Stepping forwards in your mind’s eye you find yourself in a meadow, a gentle summer breeze playfully dancing through the flowers as they nod in unison this way and that. Their delicate perfume fills the air and you embrace the beauty of nature around you.

The sun is warm upon your face.

– Feelings of wellbeing and joy move through your body, you are comfortable and perfectly at ease.

– A glint of gold catches your eye, a few steps away you notice a small golden gate tucked between two enormous trees, you see an open pathway beyond it. Walking towards the gate you find an old fashioned gold key in the lock and you decide to open the gate and see what lies beyond. You turn to key and are filled with a knowing that there is a wonderous journey to experience, so you step forwards.

– Looking around you notice that the air is shimmering with a golden pearl hue, and that with each breath your vibration becomes lighter. You find that you are enjoying this new sensation. Your physical body is surrounded by this light and you start to feel like you are part of the golden pearl vibration permeating throughout this beautiful space.

– Your gaze is drawn to the centre of a clearing where the most wondrous moon is sitting low in the sky. It feels so close you could touch it, and you realise that this is where the golden pearl energy is flowing from.

– Stepping in front of the moon are two beautiful majestic Buck, one animal is much bigger than the other, and his mantle of horns are beautifully shaped like a crown upon his head. He holds your gaze and bows his head to encourage you to walk closer. As you do you feel the flow of love from his heart to you, and stand near to both animals. You do not feel afraid, you sense there is a telepathic communication beginning.

– The younger buck takes a small step towards you, he has a playful young vitality, and you notice that his horns are just starting to form. You are aware of beautiful streams of energy flowing around him. He lovingly asks permission to connect with you heart to heart for he has a message for you.

– Opening your heart to his, you feel waves of abundance and creativity radiating towards you. Your DNA strands are slowly being re-activated. The memory of your potential and the many gifts you have come to share are being re-awakened.

– Your purpose as a bringer of light is being whispered into your vibrational signature, and you are overwhelmed with gratitude to this young Bue slowly steps back.

– The older Buck steps forward, the air is still and the power and grace of his stature hold his energy. He does not move but radiates strength, peace and safety. You feel that you are floating out of your body, joining his spirit as you move upward together into the etheric realm. Together you watch the stars and the galaxies drift past from the history of time. A myriad of colours and light pattens shifting and revealing the formation of creation, love, compassion and spirit.

– The Buck sends you a message, “This is the time where you bring forth all your potential to create the script of your earthly life. To share your wisdoms and teachings, and the ultimate message of unconditional love. Together you stay here a little while absorbing the light of the heavenly realms.

– Gently the energies shift and you slowly return to your physical body. You look up as the Buck nod farewell and they merge into the glow of the Buck moon.

– You know it is time to return to the meadow. Tracing your path towards the golden gate, you step into the here and now. The birds sing to welcome you back. The sun continues to warm the earth.

– You decide to leave the gate open, the blessings of the Buck moon return with you. It is now encoded in your essence.