Full Moon Meditation for January 6th 2023

Wolf Moon

Bringing the Christ Consciousness to Earth and Activating our Light Bodies with Lord Christ, Lord Krishna, the Dragons from Lyra and Lakumay.

Receive a Golden Key to the Universe for your service.

Ground yourself and ask for protection from the angels and the dragons.

Get very comfortable with your breath and your body.  Inhale deeply and exhale deeply.

Peace, Calmness, Harmony, Love and the energies you feel you need to begin to vibrate at the Higher frequencies of the fifth dimension and above.

Invoke with me to Lord Christ, Lord Krishna, His Golden Christed Dragons from Lakumay and the

White Golden Dragons from the Star Gate of Lyra.

Breathe in through your roots, and drawing the silvery light from the core of Mother Earth up into your chakras and your aura.  Focussing on your Earth Star chakra breathe in, drawing this energy all the way through your chakras and reaching the Stella Gateway breathe out.

(Do this for a couple of breaths).

Focussing on your Stella Gateway Chakra, with the in breath draw the White Golden Light from Lakumay and Lyra, pull this energy into your chakras and on the out breath focus on the Earth Star chakra.  Ground the energies of the highest frequency of Christ Consciousness through your lightbodies and your chakras into the core of the earth.

(Do this for a couple of breaths).

You are a pure and clear channel of Christ Light on Earth.

A crystal pyramid from above and an inverted crystal pyramid from Earth come together to form a Merkaba around your aura, and the dragons from Lyra and Lakumay come together to pour pure Light and Divine Love into the Merkaba.

As above so below.

 You are a huge pillar of light on Earth, and thousands of Angels join you along with the Dragons to pour Christ Light upon Earth. You see the Earth from above, and together with them you bless the Earth with Christ Consciousness, unconditional love, peace, caring, comfort, and wisdom.

(Bless the earth for a few minutes).

For your service you receive a Golden Key from the Higher Beings that gives you access to the Christ Light at all frequencies that you are at to be able to connect with Sirius and raise yourself to higher dimensions easily.

With much gratitude and love you thank all the angels, Lord Christ, the dragons and Lord Krishna.

Gently and slowly begin to bring your consciousness back to Earth, to your body fully.

Ground yourself fully and completely into the here and now.

Stretch, open your eyes with a smile, and drink some water, that helps you to ground even further.


By Meghaa Gupta, Master Teacher in India.