Full Moon Meditation for August 31st 2023.

This moon is a Supermoon is also a Blue Moon.

This is a rare a special event, hence the saying “Once in a Blue Moon”.

Here is a magical journey to the Blue Rose Temple of Mary Magdalene to receive Twelve Chakra Fifth Dimensiona,l Pleiadian Blue Rose Healing.

– Make yourself comfortable, take three to four deep breaths until you are fully relaxed.

– Close your eyes and bring your awareness inward. Feel how Mother Earth invites your roots to connect with her. As if on their own your golden roots flow down into the earth to wrap themselves three times around her Crystal centre, fully immersing you in her pure love. She rewards you by sending her motherly energy up through your roots. Feel her unconditional love for all living beings, and feel yourself one with nature and every creature.

– Take your attention to what is above you, open your crown chakra to absorb the pure white and golden light of Source, and send it out as gratitude. Your body is full of energy and self-love, and you are feeling exactly as you are.

– Invoke Archangel Michael to protect you with his blue protective light.

You are protected now.

– Call your Guardian Angel and Dragon guide. They spread their wings around you to protect you, and they take you up into the sky to the seven stars of the Pleiades.

– On this special Full Moon your dragon guide is taking you to the Blue Rose Temple of Mary


– As you land into this magical blue rose garden of Mary Magdalene, a beautiful Blue Dragon comes in front of you. His majestic blue wings are touching the ground and his eyes are shining like bright blue crystal light. Get acquainted with him.

– Know/feel/sense his energy as you greet him. He clears and purifies your aura before entering the Blue Rose Temple. (2 mins. pause).

– As the cleansing is complete, now the Blue Dragon is showing you the path to the Blue Rose Temple of Mary Magdalene. As you get closer to the temple you can see the rarest blue roses surrounding it. You can sense/feel/know it as if you belong to this place.

– As you reach the temple the blue golden door is opened for you. Pleiades’ Angels, and Archangels are welcoming you. As you walk around inside the temple, you can see right at the middle of the temple Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and Lady Nada smiling at you and welcoming you.

– There are many candles lit up in the centre of the temple. You can also light one of the blue candles for yourself and others.

– Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Lady Nada ask you to tune into the Masters of the Pleiades and ask them to hold you in a blue ball of light.

– Now invoke the Pleiadean Rose and visualise it in front of you. Ask Mary Magdalene to place the Pleiadean Rose in each one of your twelve fifth dimensional chakras and relax as this is done.

– Visualise the blue rose merging with the golden orange of your stellar gateway chakra.

This will heal your divine connections, release any block in your energy pathway to Source, healing your Antakarana bridge and helping you to reach to the Great Central Sun.

– Let the blue rose merge with the magenta of your soul star chakra, healing your soul connections, your ancestral links, and links with people still in incarnation.

– Visualise the blue rose merging with the white light of your causal chakra, clearing and healing your angelic connection.

– Visualise the blue rose merging with the crystal gold of your crown chakra, healing your universal connections.

– Visualise the blue rose merging with the blue light of your throat chakra, healing you, and helping you to express your authenticity, integrity and truth.

– Visualise the blue rose merging with the pure white light of your heart chakra, healing you,

and enabling you to radiate unconditional love and compassion.

– Visualise the blue rose merging with the pure gold yellow light of your solar plexus chakra, raising you into the fifth dimensional level.

– Visualise the blue rose merging with the orange light of your navel chakra, healing and balancing your masculine and feminine energies.

– Visualise the blue rose merging with the pink light of your sacral chakra, healing all your relationships.

– Visualise the blue rose merging with the platinum light of your root chakra, healing and empowering you to be free, safe and secure.

– Visualise the blue rose merging with the black and white light of your earth star chakra, grounding you.

– Now you can see the unified column of bright crystalline blue rose light aligned, reaching down to Hollow Earth and up to the Great Central Sun.

– As the healing completes, thank Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Lady Nada for this magical experience.

– Thank the blue rose healing and the Blue Dragon of the Pleiades for healing you.

– It is time now to come back. Bring your consciousness back into the here and now.

You bring with you all the divine blessings from the Masters, Archangels, and the Blue Rose Healing.

– Thank your guardian angel and dragon guides for being there for you.

– Ground yourself into Mother Earth and ask archangel Michael to protect you.

– Open your eyes with a bright smile.