Full Moon Meditation for August 1st 2023.

Sturgeon Moon.

The full moon in August was known as the barley, fruit or grain moon in the UK and as the sturgeon moon in the USA, where these fish were abundant in the rivers of north America at this time.

– Gently close your eyes, relax and let go.

– This is your time, the gift of time for you, to you

– Feel your feet on the floor, deeply connected to Mother Earth. Feel roots like the roots of a strong oak tree, coming from the soles of your feet, deep, deep into the ground beneath you. You wrap your roots around a large sparkling Crystal Ball in Hollow Earth, grounding you.

– Take a deep breath in and feel Love and Light coming from this Crystal Ball and travelling back up into your Silver Earth star Chakra.

– Feel the perfect, peaceful, calming healing energy travelling up entering the soles of your feet, and up into every chakra. Feel it flowing lovingly and freely connecting you to your Divine Essence.

– Now invoke all our angels and guides to be with you, enfolding you in their soft wings of love and protection, and send them love and gratitude for their assistance

– Now invoke the beautiful golden Christ energy to surround you in its precious healing light.

– Feel the presence of Archangel Michael and feel him wrapping his beautiful Blue Cloak of Protection around you, feel and see it shimmering.

– Relax….. you are enveloped in Love and Light and you are very, very loved.

– Take two big deep breaths in through your nose, and then very, very slowly let them out through your mouth.

– Feel yourself relax further and go with the flow. Let go…..

relax…..Go with the flow…..Relax

– Feel and see white sparkling Angel Light around you, it forms a mystical white mist. The mist is encrusted with the words, Peace, Love, Light, Comfort and Confidence. Feel it’s loving power embrace you, feel it flowing down through all your chakras, connecting you to your light. Feel your light growing and expanding, filling your heart with lightness and love. Love is the strongest vibration. Relax in the envelopment of LOVE.

– See yourself in the Heart Centre of the world – Glastonbury.

It is a warm perfect August late evening. The town is filled with crystal shops, magic and wonder. You feel safe here.

– Your heart singing in your chest you make your way towards Glastonbury Tor, a magical hill overlooking the Isle of Avalon. On the top of this hill is St. Michael’s Tower. It’s Crown effect opens up into the sky above and creates an atmosphere of connection to the Divine in a flowing peaceful manner.

– Even the mention of this Archangel’s name invites support and protection to your whole being, and you walk along full of anticipation and joy.

– As you make you way along the countryside seems to enfold you. You go through a wooden gate and look around, the evening songs of the birds and the chorus of the sheep echo in the still soft air.

– You are surrounded by green fields and the beautiful green energy connects you with Archangel Raphael, the healing archangel. You breathe in the sweet air and can almost taste its sweetness and calming essence. The power of mother nature is all around you and enfolds you in her pure and trusting love. It is so peaceful here.

– You continue walking, savouring the scenery, deepening your breath, and with each breath you are letting go of all that no longer serves you. With each step, each breath you feel more in tune with your Divine self, more connected with all Divine beings and with Mother Nature.

– It is getting a little darker now, looking up you see the Tower very close. Looking around you see the stars starting to carpet the night sky and they twinkle and shine their light down on you, on your path, and on your Life Path.

– The moon is shining down right over the roofless St. Michael’s tower, it is a glorious spectacle. Standing still you just Be, in the moment of stillness, tranquillity and peace. The energy pours into every organ, vein, artery, tissue, muscle and fibre of your body. Let it flow, you deserve this time…… Relax.

– Standing in front of the tower you feel you have mastered your fears by this journey. Feel the silvery light of the moon shining down on you. Feel the essence of the Divine Feminine filling you up and shining down through your chakras. You feel the energy ignite you Causal Chakra, your own personal moon and your connections with Divine beings. You breathe in the air, put your hands together in prayer and bow your head letting, the moon energy fill you further.

– The night is still, tranquil and silent. The air is soft, warm and calm. The night sky is abundant with sparkling stars, twinkling and winking down upon you. An array of light in the night sky.

– Inside the small tower. you sit with your back supported by the stone wall in the moonlight and the starlight. Close your eyes, let yourself relax further and listen to the wind dancing and as it whistles it seems to take on the sound of “OMMMM” “OMMMM” “OMMMM” the sound of creation.

– You feel your gifts of creativity being ignited, ideas and inspirations flow. Feel yourself coming into your true self, taking the path of love and releasing fear……

(We will give this a few moments……)

– You gaze up again, you are just “Being in the Moment”, this moment of connection with the Moon, the essence of the Divine Feminine, filtering out its love, its light, its comfort to all the world. You feel also the presence of our beloved Archangel Michael, his strength, support, courage and love.

– The two combine. The Divine Feminine of the moon and the Divine Masculine of Archangel Michael creating the perfect balance of the Path of Divine Light.

– You feel gratitude flowing through your mind and body, and you say “Amen” in grateful appreciation of the Stillness you feel. This stillness enables you to connect within to your light, and as you focus on your light within, you feel it growing, expanding and igniting.

– Gazing up at the moon again she seems to be smiling down at you, encouraging you to bring your Divine Spark forward and Shine your Light. To be true to you, to enrich the world with your love, tenderness, kindness and connection with the Divine.

– Connected with the perfect energy of this night you breathe in again, a big deep breath, holding it for a moment, and ever so slowly letting it out. You relax further. As you relax you feel the connection with the moon grow stronger and stronger.

– You hear the words

“Shine Your Light Beloved One. You were Born to Shine. Shine Your Sparkling Light. You are surrounded by Angels and Loved Ones. Rise Up and Ascend and Embrace the Divine Feminine Aspect of You. It is Time”

– The words are so clear and vibrate with the energy of assertiveness, and yet gentleness. The ultimate Divine Feminine energy. Wrapping a soft silver blanket around your shoulders you feel surrounded by love, light, peace, trust, Divine protection and support.

– The moon’s beautiful rays shine down, igniting wisdom, inspiration, and filling your heart with Love.

– You hear the words: “Follow your Heart, my Beloved, towards the Golden Age of Peace, Wisdom, Love and Light and all that is Good”.

– You feel the words echo around you and your heart feels lighter and freer.

– You embrace the healing energy in the night air, and every moment sitting in the Silence knowing that this tranquil moment is enfolding you and spiralling into the future.

Your powerful thoughts are connecting with like-minded souls through the planet creating Peace. “Peace”, the word vibrates with an essence of magic, wonder and love. “Peace”, you say again and add a little prayer.

– “Let Peace prevail in our world,

And let the peace I feel and know right at this moment, pour from my heart

and let the angels gather, and sprinkle it over the whole of humanity, as

sparkling angel dust, bringing laughter to children’s faces, lushness to the

soil, purity to the seas, lakes and rivers and contentment to all”.

– You have been in this beautiful, tranquil, healing place a long time, soaking up the energies, relaxing and healing. It is now time to make your way back.

– Before you go you stand and place both your hands on the granite wall inside the tower, and you feel its power and love. Looking up at the moon you bathe yourself again in its perfect vibration.

– You very slowly make your way down the steps leaving the tower behind you, but taking with you the love, light, healing and power of this time. You walk past the fields, and open the wooden gate and make your way back.

– You feel lighter, freer and full of peace and vitality, and So Alive.

– You feel the divine feminine arising within you, bringing assertiveness, direction and meaning.

– You feel happy and contented.

– See yourself coming back to the room where you started. Feel your feet on the ground and your hands in your lap. Tap your feet on the floor grounding you deeply to Mother Earth. See deep roots coming from your feet into the ground beneath you.

– Become aware of sounds around you, maybe the sounds of a bird outside or the ticking of a clock. Take two deep breaths, open your eyes and smile.

– I feel guided to finish with an Irish Blessing that I have written especially for you.

May the Love, Light, Hope and Healing of the Full Moon Embrace your Heart Always”.

– God bless you all.


Diedre O’Sullivan is a recently graduated Angel Teacher with the Diana Cooper School of White Light. She lives in the Irish Republic, and offers this meditation in grateful thanks for the time she spent at the Reunion in Glastonbury with Diana Cooper and the Teachers of the School.

“It was a Wonderful, Wonderous Experience, full of Enlightenment, and So Much Laughter and Fun. I feel so Guided to Bring you all there in this Meditation so that you too can Relax and Enjoy the Essence of Love and Light, Healing and Joy”.