Full Moon Meditation for 5th May 2023.

Be a channel of Blessings to Humanity with Lord Buddha, and Lord Christ at the Wesak Valley for the Wesak Full Moon Festival 2023.

(This meditation will be many times more effective when done in a group of three or more).


Sit down and make yourself comfortable.

Begin by sending your golden roots deep down into Mother Earth and allow her high frequency light to be absorbed into your roots, and into all your chakras up to your heart.

The light from Source enters through your upper chakras into your crown and down into your heart, expanding and purifying your aura.

You are surrounded by Archangel Michael’s deep blue bubble and Christ Light of. protection.

You make your intention to be of service to Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya, and to all the great ones, during the Wesak Festival at the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas.

You chant the mantra Om Mane Padme Hum 21 times.

Feel the pillar of light above you, and watch your spirit being absorbed into it.

Like a white dove it flies to the Himalayas and arrives at the Wesak Valley where the great Divine Beings have gathered near the flowing stream. There is great anticipation, mantras and chants reverberate around the valley.

You see the Lord Maitreya (the Christ), Lord Manu (Lord El Moyra), and the Great Lord of Civilisation take up a triangular formation around a bowl of water that sits upon a large crystal.

There are angels, adepts, Masters and various beings of light from many higher dimensions, along with the spiritual aspirants who wish to be of service to planet Earth during the festival.

You see a huge five pointed star and a circle around it being formed by the Great Beings.

Together you watch the moon become full and at it’s highest radiance.

Lord Buddha arrives from Shamballa in His lotus position. There is immense radiance and bliss in the Valley.

You hear a powerful mantra sound forth as the Lord Buddha meets with the Christ and powerful energies are received by everyone in attendance.

The energies of Divine Wisdom and Divine Love from the Heart of God are radiated by Lord Buddha and Lord Christ through all in the sacred triangle and the five-pointed star, to all the disciples, angels, adepts, Masters and beings of Light in attendance.


See all the participants in the valley now channel these blessings along with Lord Buddha to the entire planet Earth.

Receiving, the energies directly from the Heart of Source, Lord Buddha blesses the bowl of water and all the water bodies on Earth. See the golden diamond white light flowing through all the lakes, rivers, oceans, and all the water bodies of planet Earth.


See all plants, animals, humans, all sentient beings bathed in this sacred energy …….. Every molecule of water on Earth is blest by the Lord Buddha for eight long minutes.

(Long pause).

When the festival concludes all the beings slowly move and return back from the Wesak valley to their dimensions, carrying the precious Wesak blessings with them, to anchor it further into their respective dimensions.

Gently feel yourself fly back from the Himalayas, back to where you began and ground yourself very well with your golden roots that go down deep into Mother Earth.

With Great reverence, love and respect you thank Lord Buddha, Lord Christ and all the Beings of Light who participated in this festival.

Share the blessings further with your family and loved ones.