Full Moon Meditation- April 27th, 2021

A Magical Journey with the Silver Dragon to Visit the Elementals

1.Make yourself comfortable wherever you are, and take four deep breaths until you’re fully relaxed.

2.Close now your eyes and bring your awareness inward. Feel how Mother Earth invites you to connect with her. As if on their own, your golden roots flow down into the earth to wrap themselves three times around her crystal, fully immersing you in her pure love. She rewards you by sending her motherly energy up through your roots. Feel her unconditional love for all living things, and feel one with nature and every creature. Take your attention now to what’s above you, and open your crown-chakra to absorb the pure white and golden light of Source and send it out as gratitude. Your body is full of energy and self-love, and you are feeling exactly as you are.

3. Suddenly, you feel a gentle heath around your heart. It is Haniel, the angel of the moon who wraps her energy around it, to protect you for this meditation and beyond. Your Guardian Angel spreads his wings around you. You know that you are completely protected.

4.Slowly, you’re opening your spiritual eye and perceive white, soft sand beneath you. On your left, you can hear the waves – gentle and sleepy – arriving on the beach. Further away a lighthouse is illuminating the crystal clear night.

5. Now, a silver moon dragon is landing before you. His majestic wings are touching the sand. He wants to show you something and invites you to sit on his back. In the mystic light of the moon, together you rise into the starlit sky. A soft, warm wind is blowing through your hair. You inhale the magical night air deeply. You rejoice in this journey – it is a golden opportunity to be closer to these magnificent dragons and bathe in the pure divine female energy they carry.

6.A few mossy cliffs are appearing in front of you, and your dragon lands carefully on them.

7.A path in front of you leads you to a clearing and in its center, surrounded by silver light, grows a single flower, the colour of the moon itself. It reflects its bright light out to the full moon, and little moon elves are swirling softly around it to support it with everything it needs. These extraordinary elves have only appeared recently, and they are here to increase the divine feminine energy. This flower is the center of their work, and they show you the importance. In this era for change in this world beauty and darkness meet here every night to work together to manifest change.

8.The little creatures aren’t surprised by your presence, and with a few beats of their wings, they swirl away into the night, giving you time to get to know the flower better. The dragon guides you as you take a few steps towards it and kneel on the grass. You feel the warm light that’s surrounding it, and you touch the petals carefully. A connection is building between you. Listen and sense her wisdom.

9. Slowly, you are letting go of each other, and you stand up. The moon-dragon guides you through the trees, where a beautiful *elbe is washing her fluorescent hair in a river that’s shimmering silver. The *elbes have not been very active until now: the world is ready for their high energy. At this time, they take part in this all-changing situation as warriors. As she looks up and sees you, she laughs a sparkly laugh. Suddenly you’re alone with her, and you walk through the fir trees to be closer to her. You are asking her about herself. She extends her hand to you, which is the colour of ivory, and she explains that she is the princess of the *elbes. She comes with the *elbes to bring world peace. She offers you to bring peace in your life too so that you carry it within you. You accept this, and it is done. She shows you your new path full of golden peace, and you feel the truth within.

10. She says goodbye to you, and the moon-dragon is at your side again. He wants to introduce you to someone new… someone who has been looking forward to finally meeting you. He tells you to follow the river, and you walk together until it narrows into a spring.

11. Near the spring sits a unicorn that greets you happily. It introduces itself to you as a Unicorn of the third moon. It appears to you as a silver shining unicorn with a flowing mane and a nacre-coloured horn. It tells you proudly that it will work with you from now on. It stands beside you and points its horn at the spring, which then begins to glow in all colors of the rainbow. A staircase is revealed that leads underneath the roots.

12.The water breaks, making way to the stairs.

13.It is now time to introduce you to what’s going on underneath our feet all this time. Excited, the unicorn jumps ahead, and you follow it down the staircase of thick roots, to an empire where hallways are lit by torchlight. Your dragon follows you, unhurried. As you walk through the long hallway, you see signs and emblems on shields that protect the torches from the whistling wind. The dwarves have made them that way so that they represent the earth-empire. The signs signify diligence, strength, and dedication and the emblems symbolize the different cultures working together down here.

14. At a crossing, you go left and find yourself in a cave made out of roots.  A small fire is burning in its middle with shadows projecting on the walls. Here, many different crystals are overseen by some trolls and dwarfs with protection spells and connections to our world. Here they prepare, together with the energy of the fire, for their first contact with the world above. One of the dwarves walks toward you and shows you a fire pit with artistic letters and a moonstone crystal. You thank them for these gifts and return to the world above. The moon is still shining softly over the meadows and valleys.

15. It is now time to leave.  The silver moon dragon appears and once again invites you to sit on his back. In the mystic light of the moon, together you travel into the starlit sky. He lands on the sand as his majestic wings touch the sand.  You get down his back and thank him and come back to the place where you started.

You bring with you all of the gifts you received and know that good things are coming your way. You have much to look forward to. Remember your connection with the earth and know that you have Archangel Michael’s blue cloak of protection around you.
You may now open your eyes.

I hope I could bring these new experiences closer to you. I thank you for taking part in this meditation.


Note: *Elbes- this name has been given directly by the elementals. They are new elemental beings that come now to help nature and the planet to raise the frequency.

Contributed by Yvonne Buschmann, Germany