Full Moon Meditation – 16 April 2022

A Journey to Let Go of Burdens, Transform and be Free and Whole.

Close your eyes and take some deep breaths.

Inhale gold light and exhale all the worries of the day. Then, with a feeling of confidence, from the soles of your feet, visualize strong golden roots growing down into the Earth, tiding them strongly around a huge diamond crystal. Thank Mother Earth for the privilege of being accepted in this space.

Your attention now is drawn to the skies. A wonderful white column of blessings travels down to you. Runs through your spine and meets the huge crystal, while the golden light from the roots travels the opposite way. Now you are connected with Earth and Heavens. You are safe and protected and are feeling blessed and grateful.

A wonderful blue cloak covers you totally, covering all your chakras from the highest to the lowest. The room space beams with the most wonderful, golden light of protection, the Christ Light.

A shimmering golden door opens in front of you. You step through, and you find yourself at the … Beach! You watch the sea from above as the waves reach the shore creating a gentle white foam. Her colors range to dark blue, purple, light blue, and green. The sea is calling you. You can smell her; you can hear her.

You walk into the sea. You feel the temperature a slightly different from what you had expected, but it is exactly what you need. You enjoy the feeling of the water on your skin. You smile and relax while you enter slowly.

You dive and swim away from the shore. Now you let your body descend into the crystal water. You feel that you are where you belong. You are where you came from. You feel happy being at home. You walk at the bottom of the sea further and further away from the shore, feeling the water. The water surrounds you, but you still can breathe easily underneath.

And then you change, you transform. You become one with the sea. You become a creature of the sea. A dolphin, a whale, or maybe something else, something you haven’t seen before… a magnificent, divine creature. Now you are a creature of the sea. You are completely connected and you become one with the water.

The water purifies you. It removes all your burdens. You just observe those burdens, like shadows fading away. Now you are free and undisturbed. You can watch the paradise surrounding you. Look around you… spectacular corals, waving sea plants, colorful fishes of all kinds; you can touch them and play with them free from your burdens. Now you sense deeply the oneness and the divine within. You are in absolute peace. There is no time limit here. You feel free to explore and experience as long as you wish….. (Pause)

Slowly you swim up to the surface. Finally, you have reached a new shore, shinny, clean, bathed in sunlight, with a clear blue sky. You walk towards the shore with your new self and your incredible body. You can see the water dripping off the body of your new light self, and you know you are strong, free, and luminous. You walk steadily and gently towards the golden gate, awaiting you to cross over to your new life. You feel comfortable with your new clothes, dry and secure.

Now you are back in the room. You feel the connection with your new self, and you allow yourself to sense the change within you. Keeping your eyes close for a while let every cell of your body redefine itself with all this transformational experience.

Smiling, you open your eyes slowly, feeling whole. You become aware of your connection with Mother Earth. After adjusting your aura and chakras size to the one that is perfect for your current state, you thank from your heart for all the Divine assistance and protection you enjoyed. And you affirm, “I AM Free, I AM Safe, I AM Strong, I AM ME.”