Festival of the Leo – August Full moon

By Master Teacher, Meghaa Gupta


Seeing from the astrological sign related to the Sun, this month is celebrated as the Festival of the Leo. I was reminded by my guides to share with you all this very powerful practice that I do. You too can imbibe it, especially today.

Leo has a very special connection at the heart of our Sun and Sirius has a very unique relationship with our planet Earth. The combined flow of energies from the two at this festival evokes the cosmic Principles of Love and Freedom into our awareness. 

1) The Technique:
Focusing on your Soul Star, Crown, and the Heart Chakras,

I now invite you to chant with me a couple of times the mantra for Leo, 

“I am That and That I am”

2) Visualize :

that the heart of our Sun, the heart of our Planet, the heart of Humanity, and the spiritual Hierarchy form a channel that extends to Sirius,  the ‘Great Star of Initiation’  for our Universe. Allow the principle of Love and Freedom to be evoked through you flowing from both Sirius and Leo. Be still and be aware for a few moments.

If you feel happy to share you can write to us about your special experiences.

Blessings and love,
Meghaa Gupta

Email: astro.megz@gmail.com