Fairy Circle – Create a portal for the Ceremony

By Meghaa GuptaMaster Teacher in India

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I am sharing with you a personal practice that you can try at home in your balcony or your garden or maybe nearby park. Fairies love it when we humans make an effort to connect with them with love and respect and a gesture of friendship can go a long way.

In this ceremony you can use crystals or gather stones, fallen leaves, flowers or twigs or you may wish to use candles. You may also like to offer some food, chocolates or candies to the fairies, they absolutely love then!

1. Lovingly clean the area on the ground or the table, if you are creating the circle on a table.
2. Then gently lay your crystals/ leaves/ flowers/ stones/ twigs/ candles in a circle
3. Then you may also place your gifts to the fairies around the Fairy Circle
4. Visualize a light from Earth and a light from Source meeting inside this Fairy Circle, creating a portal of light for the elemental beings to use
5. Pray to the Fairies to come closer to you and to please accept your offering of friendship and count you as your friend
6. You can now let them know of your intentions to help nature and be channel of healing for nature beings or the animal kingdom.
7. If you have any thoughts to share with them or if you would like their help in something let them know now and open to any communication that may come from them.
8. You wish to sing a song or play a music for the fairies. Go with your guidance

Remember not to step inside the circle as this is a sacred space you have created for the elementals and they love their space. Also the they love to be acknowledged and it’s always nice to be grateful to them. And if you hear a sweet perfume or a music close to your fairy circle, know that they have accepted your friendship!! Let the fun begin!!

Fairy Blessings & Joy

Meghaa Gupta,

Master Teacher in India


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