Dragons and White Phoenix at our ceremonies

By Meghaa Gupta, Master Teacher,

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I listened to my strong inner callings and decided to go on a sacred trip to Ladakh with my husband. We both love to spend time meditating and learning about various philosophies, and this time we decided to go on this journey to learn more about Buddhism and our own selves. Ladakh is at a very high altitude in the upper regions of the Himalayas in India. It’s a land of high passes and mountains. People often go there to the sacred monasteries that are very high in spiritual energy and to learn more about Buddhism. The moment you land in Ladakh you feel like you are transported

to another planet.

Our trip was divinely orchestrated from the beginning and we met some of the most beautiful souls as part of our group. We had the blessing of meditating at some of the most powerful places with Lord Maitreya and Buddha Quan Yin’s energies.

Since my husband is a biker, I prayed to each archangel and their dragons to support him and protect him while he was riding some of the toughest and highest motorable roads on Earth. The air there is about forty percent thinner than usual and that is a real concern for anyone who travels there. So I prayed and left it to our guides to take care of us both.

We felt like every minute of our journey we were protected and comforted and given some of the most powerful experiences by our guides.

At the Fire Ceremonies, I saw above the fire that we consecrated, two huge white Phoenix and a White Golden Dragon with my eyes. Along with the Phoenix and the Dragons were the Archangels and Lord Maitreya and many Ascended Masters. My husband took the pictures of the fire and a beautiful phoenix was clearly visible above the fire and so was a dragon. (see picture)

Over the next few days, the Phoenix and the Dragons followed and blessed us throughout the rest of our journeys. They kept showing us signs of their presence and visited us in our dreams.

Two days after the fire ceremony we had a closing ceremony, and some of the other participants shared having a similar vision and visitations by white phoenixes and dragons. This was a wonderful validation of my experiences. Immense gratitude to Lord Maitreya, the Dragons, and the Phoenixes for holding us in love and for the most profound journey we have taken so far.

Love and blessings

Meghaa Gupta,


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