By Susan Browne

Set Your Intention

I began writing this article on the day of the winter solstice. As we welcome back the sun, the longer days, and the triumph of light over dark I am inspired about the year to come. We can make goals at any time of the year, even though in Western culture there is a huge surge of goal making at the start of each year. My aim in this article is to provide some helpful exercises in setting divinely inspired goals. By this, I mean any goal that we would like to accomplish but with the highest good in mind and with the help of our angels and guides.

To set your intention, think about how you expect achieving your goal will make you feel. What benefits it will bring for you and the world. Is it about you sharing your talents? A good way to prompt yourself is to say out loud my intention is that….

What Has Been Stopping You?

Many times, when we have a goal, it’s not a new goal. It’s been on our mind before. But we come back to it with more vigour. I’ll do it this time. Sound familiar? If you haven’t already achieved your goal or made progress towards it, it’s useful to look at what might have been holding you back. So you can remedy this and progress.

Take Back Your Power

As humans, we get affected by the consciousness of others around us. If we wish to live in a fifth-dimensional state, we must work at it. Spiritual folk are sensitive to the feelings and energies of others and sometimes behave like a sponge; absorbing other people’s stuff.

We don’t need to do this in order to be loving, compassionate, and helpful. In fact, when we do this, we don’t benefit the other person, anyway. We encourage this lower mindset by also falling into it.

Stop and examine now if your energy is being depleted by others. Here is a visualisation to help you to do this:

  • Anchor your energy deep into Mother Earth by visualising strong roots growing down deep into her heart and keeping you safe and grounded.
  • Draw down the golden light of the angels merged with Source. Enjoy this light that flows lovingly through your Stellar Gateway chakra and all the way down each of the chakras and into the earth below from your Earth Star Chakra.
  • Call forward Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel and Metatron.
  • Metatron places you lovingly in a protective and enlightening blazing orange Merkabah. You observe your consciousness rising.
  • Archangel Michael stands behind you with his wings stretching right out and surrounding you with their light.
  • Archangel Uriel places a gold ball of light into the solar plexus chakra which merges with this gold energy. It becomes like a huge golden sun. Embrace the warm feeling of this chakra radiating out into the cosmos.
  • Notice cords that you might have had extending out from the solar plexus chakra blazing up into the light, being perfectly transmuted into love and compassion for both parties.
  • Take some deep breaths as you sense the wonderful release of that which wasn’t serving you. Celebrate the peace this creates for you and others involved.

*Exercises included in accompanying video below*

Brainstorm Your Ideas

Getting a large piece of paper write a word or idea in the centre and then write down all the thoughts that come into your mind. All you know about your goal. How it makes you feel. How you would like to feel. If you write down anything that worries you, such as fear of not being able to achieve your goal, also write down a question. Powerful questions are those such as ‘what is one thing I can do today to gain more wisdom around achieving my goal?’
Don’t be afraid of your fears, rather, ask wise questions to move you forward.

Create an Angel Wishing Ball for your Goal

Now that you are more clear on your goal, you can probably imagine it in your mind more easily.

  • Ground yourself fully by focusing on those string golden roots reaching down into the heart of Mother Earth.
  • Connect to the highest Source Light which you now stream down into your energy fields. This flows all the way down through the body and energy bodies and down through your roots as well.
  • Hold your hands over your lap facing one another and imagine a ball of light forming between your hands. Notice what colours there are.
  • Breathe out the image of your goal into your ball of light. Say aloud ‘angels, please infuse my goal now with the highest light and wisdom. I accept all good things to flow to me now and trust all that is for the highest good of all will come to form. I release my goal into your care and am open to your guidance and wisdom.
  • Now spend some moments allowing the angels to infuse your goal with their light and wisdom. You may receive images or messages as the angels communicate with you. Letting you know anything you need to know about this, and any actions to take.
  • Call forth the mighty Archangel Sandalphon to take your goals wishing ball all the way to Source. Watch him lovingly take it from you. Breathe out as you release it and let your hands drop into your lap.
  • Ask the angels to bring your aura close to the body in a way that is comfortable for the next part of your day. Give thanks and gently open your eyes, have a stretch and take a glass of water. Write down any action steps or insights you got from the angels.

Take Intelligent Action

The next part is to take the relevant action steps. Each day, remember your goal. This does not mean to be obsessed, or over-attached. Rather, to keep watering your seeds of intention. Water them – by taking the step for today – then release and trust that everything is working out perfectly for your highest good. If you are not sure what the next step is, release your question to the angels: Angels, please guide me to know what steps to take today to move me closer to my goal. Then be open to what ideas drift into your mind. Or what happens in your day that inspires ideas. Keeping positive will help you to easily and joyfully manifest your goal.

I like to use angel cards as an extra supportive boost when I am working on my goals. Pick an angel card here.

Receive and enjoy. 

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